Is This How A Wolf Should Treat A Woman? Whiskey Wednesday

So, Dominique’s story “The Heart She Holds” (my fem domme sequel to “The Christmas She Rules”) is finished and out to a crit partner. And according to the informal poll I took, I started the Gothic Historical Werewolf Thingy. My very first shifter. I don’t write werewolves.
I do now.
It’s been a little over 24k and all Joshua Arundale seems to want to do is dominate his poor abandoned wife (who seems to enjoy it).
The problem is that he and I have been arguing over the plot. And he’s an alpha male control freak. I guess you get that way when lack of control leads to you turning into a ripping, shredding monster. But I digress.
Yesterday, in the absence of Romance Diva’s chatroom (the server was down and I whimpered in a corner between scenes) I had to have a serious conversation with Joshua and his constant need to change my plot ideas.
Yeah. This went well.
Just what I need. Someone else who doesn’t listen to me.
ME: Joshua, we need to talk.
JOSHUA: *rolls his eyes* I know what that means.
ME: Seriously. At some point, we have to introduce a plot here. It can’t all be about you getting nookie after being gone so long.
JOSHUA: *tightens his mouth* She doesn’t trust me.
ME: I’m not sure how hauling her off to an estate where people get naked and whipped is going to make her trust you. I mean, frankly? You’re being an ass. How am I supposed to get Elizabeth for forgive you if you keep overriding her feelings all the time.
JOSHUA: Pshaw. (Yes, he really made this sound) She likes it.
ME:THAT is not the point. So far, so that you can have sex, the plot has shifted three times. I don’t even plot that far ahead and you’re messing with me.
ME:You’ve been taking care of your business just fine. She’s the one who went without.
JOSHUA:*acts as if he’s won the argument* Exactly.
ME:No, no! Not exactly. You’ve got to give her something more than your impressive Dom side. You keep telling her you love her, she doesn’t believe you and then you dominate her to “prove it”. I don’t think that’s going to work.
JOSHUAYou let me handle Elizabeth. You handle the murder.
ME:*heavy sigh* Speaking of that, (if we ever GET to that) are you going to tell me who did this? You’ve only given me the victim.
JOSHUA: No. You can’t keep a secret.
ME:*stunned* What?
JOSHUA: *nodding sagely* No, I think I’ll keep that information to myself. Don’t worry, you can always go back and lay clues later.
ME: I do NOT know how Elizabeth can stand you.
JOSHUA: *shrugs* She’s my mate. *pats my hand condescendingly* You worry too much. I’ll handle my part. You just do yours. Write what I tell you and don’t let Perry take over the book. Or Lord Everret.
ME: Watch it, buster.
ME:I am NOT your subby. I’ll do my part. You’d better start doing more than sex soon or the book is going to get scrapped.
JOSHUA: I will, I will. These things can’t be rushed.
ME:Oh yeah? I can always just write *insert sex scene here* and move on. Then, you won’t get any nookie.
JOSHUA You wouldn’t.
ME:For a damn plot, I would.
JOSHUAYou drive a hard bargain. *thinks* Okay. One more sex scene (a really hot one) and I promise you more plot.
ME:That’s all I ask. I like the hot sex, mind you, but not without a story.
JOSHUAAnd you call me picky.

He’s driving me insane people. I knew there was a reason I don’t write werewolves.



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8 responses to “Is This How A Wolf Should Treat A Woman? Whiskey Wednesday

  1. It is not the werewolf’s fault. All of your heroes are like this. Name one who didn’t want nookie instead of plot?

    I’ll wait over here for a reply. —>

  2. Jen

    Um….I’m thinking, damn it! I know there had to be one.
    Right. David. HE wasn’t all about the nookie. And “The Trust She Yields” has a friggin’ PLOT. SEE???
    Plus, I didn’t have to write about wolf claws and eyes and shit.
    And wait….Leo! He was the NICE character in “Marked for Desire”. It was Princess Sera who drove me nuts in that book. LOL!!

  3. Honey, you are a forgetting I read “Marked for Desire”. Lol. And I’ll give you David. (I won’t point out that’s only two books out of…)

    Love ya.

  4. Shawna

    LOL. You know, Melissa has a point. *ducks and runs*

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