Thirteen Places I Go A Lot In Fortuna

1. Safeway
I swear I live there.
2. Campton Heights Market
Best ground beef, best steaks, best fruit.
3. The Fortuna Pet Shoppe
4. Rainy Day Books
Used book store with an awesome owner
5. Starbucks
Don’t judge me. LOL!
6. Reel Videos
My favorite vid rental place
7. Don’s Barbershop
8. Saechou Strawberries
When it’s open.
9. Clendenan’s
When it’s open
10. Neatto’s
Not only has awesome ice cream, but the best sandwiches.
11. Pepper’s
Family restaurant that got our business because the Fortuna Denny’s closed.
12. The Oriental Buffet
Fantastic sushi. Mmmmmm.
13. Tom’s Sourdough Pizza
LOVE their pizza AND their hot wings.



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21 responses to “Thirteen Places I Go A Lot In Fortuna

  1. I’m noticing a food theme….

    I live at the grocery stores, too. For me, it’s Kroger and Fresh Market.

  2. Jen

    LMAO!!! Yeah, I guess we do a lot of food related activities.
    I always wonder what other stores people visit. We only have two big grocery stores–Safeway and Rays. For a discount store, we have to go to Eureka.

  3. I’m totally going to steal this idea, Jenn! Love this look at your day-to-day world. I’m quite certain I would make a beeline for Rainy Day Books, Reel Videos and Neattos. Especially since I used to say ‘neato’ all the time…

  4. Sounds like some great places! A great idea for a TT, too!


    My TT is at

  5. Are you sure you want to share this? šŸ˜‰ I’d worry about stalkers if I were you. Seriously, great list. I adore sushi!

  6. Don’t all mothers live at the grocery store?

    • Jen

      I believe so, Inez. It’s in the Mommy manual. You know, the one that we’re supposed to get but gets lost in the mail or something?

  7. Heh. The only places I spend a lot of time in are the places where I teach – two banks and the school.

    I need to get out more.

  8. Does the Safeway there have WiFi? Ours here does, along with a little cafe area. It’s very posh, but the management hovers too much.

  9. I love the name “Rainy Day Books.”
    and, you’re making me hungry for strawberries.

  10. Rainy Day Books…definitely my kind of place!

  11. sashadevlin

    The place I spend the most time at — outside of the job — is Super Target. I love Target!

  12. We have to buffets in town; Asian buffet and Danny old town buffet. Both serve Chinese food. We went to Danny’s today and had a very nice meal out.


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