Do You Think We’re Stupid Just Sayin’

To Doyle McManus
I cannot believe you got on CNN and said the President suffered from “Bad Timing”, that “the administration did a lot in the first two weeks (after the BP oil spill) but voters weren’t paying attention because the spill wasn’t big enough.” (emphasis mine).
Mr. McManus, I don’t know what you’re used to seeing at the L.A. Times, but I want you to know that THIS voter was paying close attention to the initial days and weeks after the spill. I’m angry that you would defend President Obama’s clearly lackluster and neglectful behavior by pointing the finger at voters. Here’s what I saw. I saw a president much more interested in photo ops than in the problems around the country. When the flooding in the midwest took lives, President Obama was continuing on as usual including the all important golf games. When the BP oil spill was at its worst ever, you opted for a Memorial Day vacation. I’m sorry, Mr. McManus. I find President Obama’s decision to leave the traditional Memorial Day laying of the wreath to his vice president when we are still at war was a slap in the face to every man and woman who has laid down their lives for our country. The fact that he did this so he could “spend some time at home” in Chicago is both a PR nightmare and arrogant. But to continue to ignore the true suffering of Americans so that you can campaign for your politically endangered colleagues is incompetent and again, arrogant. Perhaps you could remind President Obama that the position of president is NOT a “job to do”. It also has a symbolic aspect to it. That means that his presence, even if it doesn’t accomplish real results, is hugely important. President Obama failed. He failed to show leadership during the midwest floods. He failed to show leadership in the Gulf. He failed to honor our fallen military. I’m sorry, but that’s not because of “bad timing”. Nor is it because voters “weren’t paying attention.” Please stop blaming us because President Obama’s leadership has not lived up to his promises.
Just Sayin’
To Fortuna
Thanks for coming out in droves and supporting Cub Scouts at our yard sale. You rock.
Just Sayin’
To Mima
I’m so glad you’ve decided to stick with the anthology and release one with me. I can’t wait. You rock.
Just Sayin’
To Joshua
I was right about you. You’re a pain. And my crit back confirms it.
Just sayin’



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2 responses to “Do You Think We’re Stupid Just Sayin’

  1. oh how i love monday’s just sayin post. 🙂

  2. Jen

    *mwah* Thanks VBC.

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