A Touchy Subject Just Sayin’

To Those Who Will Vote “Yes” for Pot Legalization
It’s no secret that a measure to legalize pot will be up for a vote November 2nd. I see the argument. I understand the making pot illegal creates and atmosphere of violence and crime that costs our system money. No one knows better than I, a resident of Humboldt County, the high cost of the illegal drug trade. Many of you have made the valid comparison to Prohibition of alcohol. But let me ask you some questions. When alcohol was made legal again, by the ratification of the twenty-first amendment, making your OWN liquor was (and is) still illegal. Corporations, regulatedcorporations were the ones who made alcohol. Taxed and tested, alcohol has been mostly regulated by state governments. So, I’m asking those of you who are voting “Yes” on the upcoming measure. Are you willing to allow R.J Reynolds to come in and grow it? Are you willing to allow the kind of regulation that has been imposed on tobacco? How about the kind of health problems associated with pot? Look at the history of tobacco regulation. The proponents of this measure seem to be tempting us all with the revenue that can be gained from taxing pot as a legal drug. That is an absolutely beautiful argument that ignores the amount of money that must be spent to regulate this “harmless” drug. Unless there is some kind of severe regulation, the crime and murder that seems to go hand in hand with pot growing will NOT diminish. Instead, there will be those who will side step any laws or limits put on the drug and do things as they always have. I’ve seen the results of growing first hand. I’ve seen the meth use that seems to be a part of the paranoia. (“I have to stay awake to watch my crop”) I’ve seen the ugly arguments over drug deals and I’ve seen the desperate need to sell in a bottomed out market which results in crossing state lines to places where pot is NOT legal. Please don’t argue that this will bring in revenue. Don’t argue that it will reduce criminality associated with it. I am not that naive. Unless the growers are willing to have their manure use, their diesel fuel use, their grow methods all regulated, scrutinized and taxed, legalization will do nothing but serve to increase the kind of lawlessness that I associate with pot growing now. I’ve seen this “harmless” drug create havoc in the lives of those who insist on easy money. As much as I respect the opposing view of growers, I still believe that most purveyors care little for anyone but themselves and their bank accounts. In our lifetime, we’ve demonized tobacco companies as agents of death, as liars, as corporate thieves. Now, we will legalize a drug that has been essentially run by those who are willing to break the law. And we are saying it’s all going to be good for our county.
Really? I’m afraid I don’t see how this will be good for us. How offended would you be if Humboldt County was known as “The Meth Capital” or perhaps “The Porn Capital”? Both labels would offend me. It’s too bad that Humboldt County isn’t known these days for its Redwood trees, or the beautiful ocean shore, or the majestic mountains, but for weed. I’m asking you all, how will this measure protect my children, my county, my taxes from the kind of insanity that’s already here, but dealt with by law enforcement? How will we keep the criminal element from picking us clean under the guise of legality? And how will we balance the taxes vs. the regulation cost? Like many measures that show up on our ballot, are we sure we understand the cost of our vote? I’m not sure. Believe me, I’ve struggled with this because I’m NOT positive that legalization is a “bad” thing. But unless growers are willing to abide by strict regulation of product, grow techniques and land usage, then all we’re doing is saying “Smoke up, dude” with no concept of the negative consequences that may ensue.
Just SAyin’
To Myself
Yeah, you need a spine. Saying “no” is not a bad thing and doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s okay to tell someone “no” politely. Sometimes, it’s even okay to say “Hell no!”.
Just Sayin’
To Not My Kid’s Mom
The time to invite someone over for dinner at someone else’s house is not three hours before dinner. It’s not even the same day. Usually, if you’re going to invite a guest, someone I’ve met ONCE ever, try and do it, say, the day before? I mean, I appreciate that you at least ASKED, but seriously? I’m not a good enough housekeeper for same day dinner guests.
Just sayin’
To The Brother-In-Law I can’t stand
Riiiiiiight. Throwing your shit around in your room because you can’t find something? Quell brilliant. *rolls eyes*
Just sayin’
To The ladies in Chat at Romance Divas
Pleeeeeeeeease help me get this werewolf OUT OF MY HEAD. Where are the Writing Elves when you need it? You know, those cute, little elves that come out at night and write the book while you’re sleeping? What? It could happen!
Just sayin’



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9 responses to “A Touchy Subject Just Sayin’

  1. I hear you on the pot thing. I haven’t even thought about it either way and it’s possible I may abstain from voting on that measure. Knowing me, I’ll probably decide the night before the election which way I’ll go.

  2. Kym

    you know I feel differently than you on this (and still love you.) I just want to point out a funny twist. You say, “Unless the growers are willing to have their manure use, their diesel fuel use, their grow methods all regulated, scrutinized and taxed, legalization will do nothing but serve to increase the kind of lawlessness that I associate with pot growing now.” In other words, you think that the legalization law would not tax and regulate growers. Oddly enough, one of the main reasons some growers give against legalization is that the legalization law would tax and regulate growers…

    • Jen

      One of the things I love about you Kym, is that we’ve always disagreed about this issue…and it’s fine.
      I think this one is another “Good idea but…”
      I’d like to see legalization with lots and lots of rules.
      It worries me that anyone can grow it. We have rules for food ingested. I just want to make sure that if we’re going to legalize a drug, we TREAT it like a drug.
      But maybe this is a case of “you have to start somewhere”. I cringe at the results, but maybe I’m wrong.
      And that’s a looooot of maybes. LOL!!!!

  3. Shawna

    Writing elves? If you find them, hold one of those little buggers for me.

    You made some great points about the legalization issue. Points I never before considered. That should be posted all over.

    The first plant I ever grew was marijuana. I was five and found a bag of seeds. Who wouldn’t have planted them? Even then I had a green thumb. The plant grew to about 5 feet tall before the apt. manager saw it. I can still remember my mom telling the guy that it was cannibis, not marijuana, and that it was her daughter’s plant. Now that I think about it, he tore it out of the ground and walked away with it.

    ; )

  4. jodi

    lol, that’s an argument I stay away from like religion and politics. Uhm…and it sounds like that woman is still annoying. 😦 Wish she’d just go away.

  5. Okay, I get where you’re coming from. Just a few points…

    – in nearly every state, a person is allowed to make their own beer and wine, and in some cases even liquor, for personal consumption.

    – the market will drive growing methods and product quality. just like anything else, the educated consumer will choose high quality product grown under safer methods.

    I will allow that I don’t know as much about this particular subject as I should, probably, before throwing my hat in the ring. What I do know is that the way we as a country and a culture handle marijuana is not working. Might as well put some of that black market money in the light of day.

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