I’ve always enjoyed writing and reading. I often wrote things here and there, but never seriously. Then, in 2002, my father passed away. A year later my mother informed me that he had completed manuscript, a book, that no one had ever read. He never thought it was good enough.

I decided that wasn’t going to be my fate. I went to work and wrote a 75,000 word book complete with -ly words and head hopping. It began my journey that has brought me into the world of epublishing and contracts and wonderful writer.

I don’t blog to talk about my successes or pimp myself, though I will. I blog because I enjoy it. I love hanging out at other blogs and reading other people’s slice of life.
I never intended to write erotic romance. I loved to read it (Joey Hill, Eliza Gayle, Eden Bradley) but I didn’t think I had it in me to write it.

Then, I decided to give it a shot. My first attempt was “Perfect” a set of three short stories that were contracted and released by The Wild Rose Press in June of 2007. Surprisingly, I found I loved writing the erotic side of romance.

Since then, I’ve contracted a few more and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope readers enjoy reading it too.

4 responses to “About

  1. Beautiful blog, Jennifer. I look forward to reading here, and I’ve linked you on my own blogroll. I can see I have to step over the line from sweet to erotic sometime. Maybe your work will help me ease into these times.

    Carol Anne

  2. Lumpy

    How wonderful Jennifer! Thank you for stopping by my site. I’m going to have a look around now! Congratulations on your writing success- how often do we get paid to do the thing we love the most? You are lucky and very talented too!

  3. bibomedia


  4. ronica d.

    i am a very big reader, and i love the erotic side of romance. i have all sorts of stories inside my head but for some reason i can not get the stories out on to paper. Any advice on how to get my stories on paper.You can respond back to this site.japanescartooon@hotmail.com.

    thank you.rd.

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