Dark Beauty - Sexy Woman in Lingerie lying on Black Couch Today begins the BDSM Palooza at The Smutketeers!

There’s a $100 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs and lots of prizes from 50 authors who write some of the best BDSM romance and Erotica.  Go and comment!!!!

I’ll be taking my turn in the barrel on February 19 (Thursday) so go check it out!!

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Thirteen Things I’m Looking Forward To

1.  I’m going to my first ever Munch tonight.

2.  Eel River Soroptomist Tea on February 29

3.  Finishing my short story with Emily Ryan Davis

4.  Finishing “Bastard of Arundale Hall”

5.  The BDSM Palooza (My day is February 19)

6.  Lois W.’s Birthday party March 7

7.  My trip to San Francisco on March 13.

8.  Seeing Eden Bradley again (I haven’t seen her since 2008

9.  Getting my tattoo

10.  Going to the local SF munch

11.  Going to The Citidal

12.  The Release of “Mastered 2″

13.  The day that Karma finally catches up and takes care of some people.  LOL!


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Cover Reveal “Bastard of Arundale Hall” by Jennifer Leeland

BastardOfArundaleHall-web-med Thank you to P and N Graphics for this AWESOME cover for “Bastard of Arundale Hall” .

Here’s a blurb:

“A war has begun between two opposing supernatural powers with the Arundale men caught in the middle. To win against his enemy, Lord Marcus Everrett has been forced to return to his childhood home and face the woman he refused to marry years earlier. He had thought their passion had died in the face of his mating another and the rejection of his past. But the moment they are together again, it’s clear the heat between them still burns. Yet, it will take another man to stoke the fire.
Simon Ormond only wants revenge for the death of his lover. To find passion with a witch and an Arundale wolf who will give him retribution is fortunate. Once he gets a taste of what could be, he must choose between his resignation for death and an unusual, complicated mating.
The lonely years that Mariann Perrin had spent after Marcus left her had left her hungry for the love denied her. But she has a task to do, given to her by the power she inherited. Now, just as she meets the two men who can fill her empty heart, dark forces move to destroy them. With one man welcoming death and the other still angry about the past, Mariann must find a way to lead them both to love or they may face their enemy and fail.”

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Thirteen Random Things About Me….

I’m baaaaack!  Didja miss me?  LOL!

1.  I hate taking Selfiies

Every time I have to do it, I feel horrible about myself.  LOL!  This was my latest one.


2.  I was a Music Major in college

My dream was to be a choir director, but I got distracted and my grades plummeted.

3.  I worked for 8 years as a CNA

Home Care and then in a hospital.  I went on Maternity leave and never went back.

4.  I love rain

It’s my favorite weather.  I don’t like the sun much.  LOL!

5.  I don’t like wearing makeup

I do it because I have to for work, but I don’t like it.

6.  I’m not a crazed fan

I have tons of authors, music and actors that I love but I don’t find out every scrap of detail about stuff.  I wouldn’t have any time for anything else.  LOL!

7.  I was once a singer in a band….

Not a very good one.  But I did do it.

8.  I can’t resist chips and dip

It’s my downfall.  I try and use salsa instead of a sour cream based dip, but sometimes I GOTTA HAVE IT!  LOL!!

9.  The first book I submitted for publication was a romantic suspense

I like mystery with my romance.

10.  I live in a small town.

about twelve thousand people.

11.  I reread Dorothy L. Sayer’s “Gaudy Night” every year.

I love that book.

12.  My favorite author is Joey W. Hill.

13.  I have rented the Bourne series a million times.  

I should just buy them.


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A Great Review for “Temptation To Submit”

JL_TemptationToSubmit_coverin BDSM Book Reviews has a review of “Temptation To Submit” up by FoxyLoxy.

You can read it HERE.

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Sudden Changes and a General Announcement

I’ve been the Redneck Romance writer since the very beginning of my career.  Married to a Redneck with two Okiee kids and four dogs, I identified myself as wife and mother and writer, usually in that order.

On New Year’s Eve, that all changed.

The Redneck informed me that he’d been having an affair since October with one of my friends and he is leaving me to pursue a relationship with her.  This has begun a painful and slow process that I’m sure you can imagine has an effect on everything I believed I knew about myself and about my family.

Two things have been profoundly changed by this.  I am pretty sure at this point that my relationship with The Redneck is over and I don’t believe it can be salvaged.  I’m willing to admit I could be wrong about this, but the way things are going, I don’t see this damage being repaired enough to include a continuation of any relationship except “ex-husband”.  Which makes me very sad.  Of course, he’s had a couple of months to adjust to the idea that he doesn’t want our marriage.  I haven’t.  It will take time.

The second change is in Boy Scouts.  I have been a diligent and active participant in the Boy Scouts with the Redneck.  Since the woman he is seeing is a Scout mom and since they intend to continue to do Boy Scouts together, I am withdrawing from the organization as quickly as possible.  This was a painful realization as well and while it hurts to be replaced, I am determined that my two boys get whatever they need.  Train Boy had plans to start his Eagle project this summer and I sincerely hope this nightmare doesn’t destroy his chance for that.

I’m not going to catalog the blow by blow as this situation progresses.  I will tell you that I’ve never experienced this level of betrayal and I’m not sure how this will shake out in the long run.

I love romance and I’m not going to give up writing.  I will have to determine what I can and can’t do throughout this ugliness, but I think my writing will still be a priority.  All this to say that I am going to survive this though life will look a lot different than it has.

I’ve been married for almost fifteen years and this is not what I wanted, but sometimes the Universe moves things toward better opportunities despite my resistance.  Though I wasn’t the perfect wife by any means, I don’t believe infidelity was justified and the pain is excruciating.  But if I know nothing else, I know this:  Pain transforms and all growth requires some pain.  That’s the way it is.  I am going to grow, learn lessons and become someone even better from all this.

It might look awkward and I may stumble around a bit, but I will be okay.  Music is always my way to deal with stuff.  Today, this is where I am.  The sadness will pass and happier days will come.  But not today.

Now the deed is done
And the smoke has cleared
From the ashes some
Glimmer of the truth appears
And its a bitter pill
A little hard to take
Ill be the first to claim
My share of mistakes
But the way things stood
I did the best I could
Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I
Try to make amends
To be a friend
Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I
Now the windows closed
Opportunitys fled
All that’s left to do now
Is look back and shake our heads
And it breaks my heart
And it makes me mad
And Ill never know why
So good went so bad
But the way things stood
I did the best I could
Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I
Try to make amends
To be a friend
Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I
Mabye times the only way to find
Someway back from this
But the way things stood
I did the best I could
Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I
Try to make amends
To be a friend
Didn’t I, didn’t I, didn’t I 


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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!  I might be a bit sporadic in the next few weeks but I want to wish you a HAPPY 2015!!!!!


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