Binge watching over 50

I’ve always been at the awkward age.  You know, I wasn’t raised on computers, but I had to learn how to use them.  My childhood consisted of a huge black rotary phone which graduated to a cordless phone and a beeper, to flip phones and, finally, smart phones.  I watched television on a black and white with an antenna and now, I watch Amazon Prime videos on my laptop.  When I started writing, I had a Dell Computer with “Word Perfect”.  Anyone remember that nightmare?  I still remember the first time I tried to have a writer friend read my stuff to help me into the world of publishing.

Friend: “ You need to covert this to Word.”

Me:  “It’s in Word Perfect.”

Friend:  “No.  WORD.”

Me:  “There’s a difference?”

Friend:  *internal screaming*  “Yes.  Word Perfect is NOT Word.”

Me:  “I don’t think I have that.”

Thus, I was finally introduced to Microsoft and the need to covert my entire life into Microsoft software. 

My online life started with AOL, You’ve Got Mail, Yahoo Groups, and…wait for it….wait for it…..MySpace.  I stopped keeping up with the latest social media with Twitter.  My co-worker is always showing me Tik Tok videos.  All I can think is that’s one more password I won’t remember. 

My point of bringing this up is a recent binge watching session I just completed.  I watched five seasons of one of my absolute favorite characters, Daria Morgandorfer.

A spinoff from Beavis and Butthead, Daria is all about high school for the disaffected. When it came out, I watched it voraciously.  It stands the test of time.  The show is over 20 years old. 

*a moment of silence as I ponder that horrible thought*

In the last month, I’ve struggled as Covid-19 has surged back and everything is in chaos again.  Nothing worked.  Everything annoyed me.  I was irritable and unreasonable and I knew it.

Enter the Daria Binge Watch.  I laughed my ass off.  I remembered why I loved the show.  It brought me back to the human race.  Well, sort of. 

I realized this may be my future.  I may go back to old music, old t.v. shows, old books, to try and recapture those times I felt safer, less stressed, more capable.  Yet, as I think about it, I never felt that way in the midst of those times.  It’s only in looking back I can see how gentler life was back then.

Or maybe, looking back is always shrouded in golden mists that sprinkle glitter over everything and make it seem shinier. 

In reality, today is all I really have.  It was fun to revisit Daria.  But I don’t want to live there.

La La La LaLa…….

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BOOK REVIEW: “You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey” by Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar

Book Review.  “You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey” by Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar

So, say you have a friend (or two or more) who is a person of color.  And say you’ve been raised in a pretty white neighborhood and white schools and so on.  AND say you’ve heard them sigh on the phone when you discuss something sensitive-something out of your experience.  Something like being pulled over by a cop, not because you’ve committed a moving violation, but because you are “not white”.  Or something like having teenaged boys and discussing with your friend about her requirement to have “the talk” and she’s not talking about condoms.

You might be, like me, only able to listen with a puzzled frown, wanting to be an ally, but then shit comes out of your mouth that is a product of childhood, education, and culture.  It was so bad that it has been suggested I read “White Fraglity”  (a good book.  Kind of academic.  Heavy shit.)

Full disclosure.  I struggled with “White Fragility”.  Not because I wasn’t on board with the ideas expressed in it.  Because the ideas were so heavy and difficult for me to wrap my entrenched brain around that I waded through it.  I’ll have to reread it a few more times to really retain that fucker. 

This book.  This gem.  This raw, funny, painful, beautiful book took all the same ideas I needed to get straight in my head and made it so I could get it.  Even though Amber and Lacey are fucking HILARIOUS, I am NOT recommending this book for comedy purposes.  I am recommending this for any person out there who still thinks being “Woke” is some kind of fucked up fad for Nice White Ladies and White Saviors.  I am recommending this for any parent who ever had to go to the school and fight for their kid.  I am recommending this for anyone who has ever said “It’s not fair!” about their life. 

Because this book reveals how my own “It’s not fair” was bullshit.  It shows that my understanding of racism and white privilege was academic at best and miniscule at worst.  Through story after story, Amber and Lacey tell about their experiences at school, work, and home and with law enforcement, government, and human resources.  They share things that made my stomach clench and my heart hurt.  Yet, I laughed so fucking hard, I couldn’t believe I was able to do it. 

Two stories have haunted me since finishing this book.  Amber Ruffin tells about the time she was a new driver and was pulled over by an older white male cop.  Lacey told the story about the competition her all black team participated in about Black History.  When I started the book, I thought my outrage was broken.  The last two years have strained every emotion I’m capable of experiencing.  Yet, those two stories made me think, “I would have LOST MY MIND if that had

happened to my kid.”  And in this book, I learned how Amber and Lacey’s mother chose her times to step in and fight.  And the many times there was no recourse.  

This book wasn’t written for me.  Yet, I am the one who has benefited the most from their willingness to share. 

Go buy it.  It wraps up difficult conversation in humor.  The laughs don’t take out the sting, but it makes the pain a little more bearable.  It isn’t an academic book with psychological explanations of racism and stupidity.  It’s true stories about the little day to day stuff we do and say. 

This isn’t an instruction manual on How Not To Be An Asshole.  And it isn’t put out there for some philosophical arguments about “cause” “effect” and “culture wars”.  It’s Amber and Lacey’s life.  It’s their stories. 

My job as the reader is to remember them.

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Inside the brain of this writer

There’s a conference room in my mind.  It’s a huge room with massive windows that let in natural light.  The table in the center is polished mahogany.  It’s shiny.  Around the table are mismatched chairs of various types-comfortable executive style, shabby secretary sheik, high backed leather, and squat pseudo leather chairs (black of course).

Ensconced in these various butt warmers are characters.  Some are dressed in Victorian style dresses and day coats.  Some are imminently forgettable.  A few of them are loud and annoying. 

I bang a gavel.  I need a gavel with this group.

“Okay. Thank you.  So we need to write today.  I’m almost done with your story…..Tesia.”  I delay in saying her name because I’d FORGOTTEN IT.  Yes.  It’s been that long since I’ve been able to get to that story.

Tesia, with enviable short red hair and freckles, just stares at me.  She is definitely pissed.  My characters often get really mad at me.  When Real Life takes precedence and I can’t meet with them to get the story details, they all tend to feel neglected and abused.  I don’t feel guilty anymore.  I’m fifty-three this year and I don’t do guilt. 

Luckily, Jezar speaks up.  “Tesia still has issues with the beginning.”

I nod.  “I’m sure.  The beginning is always difficult.”

“Infodumping.” She snaps. 

Well, fine.  “I tried to remove that when I changed the scene to a fight scene.”

For a moment, she looks mollified.  She liked the fight scene.  She’s a kickass character and, though she likes to play cards with Jezar, opening the story with a card game wasn’t her style.  The change was a good one. 

“I’m afraid I’m still not content with the amount of punishment Tesia pays,” Jezar states and stares out the window as Tesia glares at his profile.  “After all, she…”  Jezar goes onto to repeat shit I already know.  It’s on the fucking page. 

“Jezar, I’ve asked you before.  What else can I do?  She almost dies of a genetic illness and you save her.  She lets you get away with some serious fucked up bullshit because she knows she hurt you.  She’s SORRY.  What else do you want?”  I’m exasperated.  This is an ongoing discussion that makes me crazy.  It makes me doubt my content.  A lot.

Meanwhile, Tesia has crossed her arms and sunk down in her seat.  My other characters from different Works in Progress are eyeing her with interest.  I can tell she feels like they’re judging her. 

Finally, Jezar glances at her.  “I’m just letting you know that readers aren’t going to think she’s paid a very high price for being a racist asshole to me.”

He has a point.  Tesia used Jezar’s race against him calling him all the nasty names for Ardasians and being a total bitch.  She had a good reason.  But she kept him in misery for MONTHS. 

“She spends much of your story thinking you’re only fucking her so you can have the visions.”  I point out.

Jezar rolls his eyes.  “Fine.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  When you send this to Kate, I’m sure that will be enough.”

I sigh.  “We’ll set up a time to go over the possible changes after I hear back from Kate.”

Tesia mutters something but I’ve decided they’re done.  “Next on the agenda.  Any progress on the Arundale front?”

The hostility in the room increases to an unbearable level.  I glance up from my agenda and meet the very disgruntled gaze of my main male character Marcus.  18th Century werewolf.  An Earl.  And likes his spanky spanky. 


“Progress?” he says softly.  Oh shit.  That’s his pre-rant voice. 


“You’ve rewritten this SIX TIMES!” he shouts at me.  “How am I supposed to continue to have these POINTLESS meetings when you keep rewriting the story.  SIX TIMES.”

“Dude!  I can’t help it if you guys keep lying to me.  All you’ve given to me is that this is a threesome, she’s a witch and you and Simon are hot for each other and her.  That’s it.  And when YOU tell me the story, it’s completely fucked up.  Whatever conflict happened occurred when you were fifteen and you’ve told me three different stories about it!”

Mariann, ever the peacemaker and another badass, interrupts me.  “Jen, you know he doesn’t want to talk about it.”

I turned to Mariann in frustration.  “He told me you were a murderer.  He wanted you to be the one who killed his….well, the man the world thinks is his father, but…shit.  The whole thing is a fucking mess.  I really need you guys to unravel it.”  I whirled back to Marcus.  “If you think you’re frustrated with six different versions, think how I feel.  Do you think I have time to waste all those words on BULLSHIT?”

“I prefer the current version.”  Simon studies his hands. 

I shoot a look at all three of them.  “Version?  That is what happened, right?”

The silence at the table is deafening.  I am infuriated.  “I’m considering skipping your story, changing the next in the series to a contemporary and tell some myth about your relationship that is mentioned in ONE FUCKING PARAGRAPH in a new story.”

Mariann winces.  Marcus narrows his eyes and crosses his arms.  Simon, the jerk, smiles.  He loves baiting me. 

“We didn’t initially want the story to show me as quite so…”  Mariann trailed off.  She’s beautiful, but damaged.  Her witchy power is amazing.  And she kicks ass even in four petticoats. 

“…Dominating?”  Simon says with a grin.

Now, I’m offended.  “She is not,” I snap.  “Just because she can fight with you side by side does not mean she’s-“

“He’s baiting you again,” Mariann murmured. 

I almost growl.  “Back to the topic.  Do we have in progress on the current story?”

Marcus yawns.  Simon grins.  “Not at the moment.  We are a bit stuck on the meeting with Marcus, as always.  His past influences his current behavior and, since my lover refuses to disclose his pain from those days, we cannot move forward.”

I study Marcus.  “I thought you wanted to share this story.  Was I wrong?”

He is very still.  “No.”

Mariann sighs.  “We need a little more time.”

I nod.  What else can I do?  “I’m sure you’ll let me know when you’re ready.”  Actually, I’m not sure of that at all, but I say it anyway.

Moving on.

“Next up, Yarina.”  I don’t even get another word out.

“I hate this.  Why does my story have to be concurrent with Nell and the others.  And why do you have to make me out to be a stupid ho?  I’m not happy.  Dimitri gets all the good lines.  He’s all “caro” this and “Princesa” that.  Meanwhile, I’m the BDSM ho from hell.”  Yarina waves her arms wildly as her voice raises.  “Plus, I look like an idiot.  Are you trying to make me a “Too Stupid To Live” female character?”  She stabs a long, slender finger my way.  “And if you use the word “exotic” just once to describe me?  I’m going to call you out as a fucking Nice White Lady to Twitter.”

I sigh.  I do a lot of sighing in the conference room.

“Now princesa, you know she has to follow the other published accounts.  We are limited until we get beyond the timeline already set.”  Dimitri pulls Yarina into his lap.  “You and I are the most important story since we wind up all the loose threads from the other three.”

 “I know.  But it’s a suspense story.  She always drags her feet on those.”  Yarina puts her head on Dimitri’s shoulder. 

“I want to make sure all the plot holes are filled in,” I said.  “You know I fuck those up a lot.  Remember poor Pogie in “Heart of the Storm”?  Two last names.  I want to make sure I get this story right.”

“She doesn’t make you a ho,” stated Nell.  She’s my HR admin from “Declaration to Submit”.  Somehow, she always knows how to put just the right tone in statements like that so they sound absolute.

“Well, I wish she’d get on with it,” Yarina said in an almost whiny tone.  I don’t tolerate whining.  Whining gets a character banished. 

“I don’t respond to whining,” I snapped.

“I know,” Yarina said with a heavy sigh.  Damn.  There’s a lot of fucking sighing going on in this room.

“So…as I asked before.  Any progress?”  I met Dimitri’s amused gaze and fought the urge to roll my eyes.

“As you know, the plot is still a bit sticky.  I recommend an Excel spreadsheet for a timeline.”  Dimitri said in a calming, soothing and fucking annoying tone.

“You only say that because you know I hate Excel spreadsheets.”  I gave up.  Moving on.  “Anyone else want to speak up?  The agenda is open.”

There was a heavy silence.  Yep.  This was how it had been lately.  I had seven characters giving me shit and everyone else had disappeared. 

Simon rose and came over to my chair.  He patted my shoulder.  Those 18th century males are downright patronizing.  “We are all you need, my friend,” he said in a cheerful voice.  He waved his hand to the characters around the table.  “You have a science fiction novel, a dirty contemporary novel, and, of course, a paranormal dirty historical.”  He bowed.  “We are quite enough.”

You know what?  He’s right.

Simon Says.

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Master Charming is OUT TODAY!


For her birthday, Beth Jones was given a Newbie Package from the local BDSM club, The Iron Bar.  Her so-called friends had spotted her submissive side and decided it was time she quit hiding it.  But when the night comes that she finally gets to play her first scene, she is no longer sure who she is.  Is she the sweet submissive in the borrowed Jimmy Choo shoes?  Or is she the Goth chick with the black eyeliner and spiked hair?

No one could pin down Master Chris’s taste in submissives.  He liked them in all shapes and sizes, but his favorite subs were newbies.  The Iron Bar trusted him to introduce the Lifestyle to newcomers and he loved the chance to do it.  No commitment necessary.  But the newbie he knows as “Miss Jones” gets under his skin.  When a crisis causes an interruption, Chris has to track down the elusive Miss Jones with only a Jimmy Choo shoe to guide him.


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Coming November 3, 2015……

JL_MasterCharming_coverin  Thanks to Valerie Tibbs for my beautiful new cover!  “Master Charming” comes out on November 3, 2015.   I’m so grateful for my publisher, Loose-Id LLC, and my editor there, Jana Armstrong.

Here’s the blurby bits.

“For her birthday, Beth Jones was given a Newbie Package from the local BDSM club, The Iron Bar. Her so-called friends had spotted her submissive side and decided it was time she quit hiding it. But when the night comes that she finally gets to play her first scene, she is no longer sure who she is. Is she the sweet submissive in the borrowed Jimmy Choo shoes? Or is she the Goth chick with the black eyeliner and spiked hair?

No one could pin down Master Chris’s taste in submissives. He liked them in all shapes and sizes, but his favorite subs were newbies. The Iron Bar trusted him to introduce the Lifestyle to newcomers and he loved the chance to do it. No commitment necessary. But the woman he played that he only knew as “Miss Jones” got under his skin. When a crisis in his life causes an interruption, Chris has to track down the elusive Miss Jones with only a Jimmy Choo shoe to guide him.”

PREORDER for a 10% discount!

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The Last Thirteen YouTube Videos I’ve watched

This ought to be interesting.  LOL!

  1.  Lizzy Bennet Diaries Episode 80
  2. John Gets a Tattoo        
  3. Blindfolded Drawing      
  4. Dumbest Movie Reviews  
  5. Sam Rush “Neverland”    
  6. Super Nacho Time  
  7. The Terror of Change  
  8. Librarian Rhapsody  
  9. Watching Adults Fight  
  10. Ghost Towns by Spark  
  11. The Best Vines of September part 3  
  12. Ooops We’re All Human  
  13. Cutest High School Touchdown Ever  

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13 Reasons I Love Fall

It’s going to be Labor Day Weekend and that means that Fall is on its way.  I love the Fall.  Here’s why.

1.  FOOTBALL!!!!

I love Football season.  Especially High School Football.

2.  Apple Cider

Around here, we have the Apple Harvest Festival and Clendenan’s Cider.  Best. Ever.

3.  Soup

When it gets cold, I get to make soup for dinner.  Homemade soup is awesome.

4.  Politics

Now, normally I don’t like politics much.  But around September, I enjoy the debates, the discussion, the analysis of local, state and U.S. politics.  I know.  It’s weird.

5.  New Premieres

I don’t live by them, but I love new shows that come out in the Fall.

6.  The sun changes angles.

I find the sun way too bright during the Spring and Summer, but during the fall, it’s still sunny, yet the light is softer.

7.  Rain

In Humboldt, September is the month the weather begins to switch.  Rain starts to move in.  I love the rain.

8.  Coffee

This is the time that great flavors of coffee come out.  Not just pumpkin spice, but Apple caramel and others that feel like fall.

9.  Warm Clothes

I like coats and scarves and boots.

10.  Shorter Days

I love it that the quiet nights start earlier.

11.  My birthday

My birthday is tomorrow and always signals the beginning of Fall for me.

12.  The End of Allergies 

Spring and Summer are my worst times for allergies.  They back off as Fall begins.

13.  Did I mention Football?

Huskies first football game 2015

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Why I don’t listen to Christian Music anymore….

When I graduated from High School in 1986, I was sought a spiritual connection, a way to to know what path I needed to take in my life.  At that time, I was planning on being a choir director, my love of singing and music match only by the arrogant belief that I was damn good.

In that year, First Call came out with “Undivided” and my love of acappella met my love of Christian music.  I devoured their music and followed them, buying every single release.  When Melodie Tunney left the group, I was leery, not sure if the group would continue the beautiful tones and arrangements that I adored.

Enter Marabeth Jordan.

And I fell in love with her tone, her energy and the song “Don’t you worry about a thing” which I’d never heard before.  She was young, she was amazing and the next CD only got better.

It was “Sacred Journey” released in 1993 that I wore out again and again.  Songs that brought me closer to God, that gave me hope.  Songs I still love today.

When it all came crashing down in 1994 with the revelation that Marabeth Jordan was pregnant due to an adulterous affair with Michael English, I watched something absolutely appalling happen that leaves a bad taste in my mouth for the Christian Music community and its ministries.

Marabeth Jordan was vilified.  So was Michael English.  But guess who still has a career in Christian Music?  You got it.  Michael English.  He is forgiven, using his affair and his drug use as a “testimony” basically dragging Marabeth through the mud every time.  Never a fan of English, I was saddened and angered by his ability to shed Marabeth with no thought at all.  Listening to his testimony is painful and frustrating to me since there is little record of Marabeth’s struggle.

It takes a bit of Googling, but information is there that Marabeth suffered a miscarriage of the baby she’d created with Michael English.  There is no record of this devastating period of her life.  She is essentially erased from CCM history with no links for her name and no page for her contributions.

Could Marabeth Jordan come back and make it as an artist?   Probably not.  Women in Christian Music have a tougher row to hoe.  The only person I’ve even seen continue to have a career was  Amy Grant and SHE left her husband for the man she committed adultery with.  The Christian Music community is divided over her especially as evidenced by comments made on any YouTube offering by Grant.

So it’s understandable that Marabeth would want to stay under the radar and no draw attention to herself.  She’s apparently went back to being a back up singer for other artists.  What happened with her marriage and what happened to her relationship with the other members of First Call is not really known.

In my mind, it was a bunch of hypocrisy.  Marabeth was a part of something special and sacred.  There seems to have been no forgiveness in the people who continued to condemn her.  The people who continue to condemn her today.  I don’t know where she is today or what she’s doing, but I hope that she’s recovered from the dark period that took her out of the public eye.  As someone who has been cheated on, I know that forgiveness is a growing, amazing thing.  It saved me from spiraling into hate and keep love alive.  Honestly, I think it’s people who have survived something this horrific who understand the true love of God.

Marabeth Jordan sang many of these songs deep in a struggle that I understand and I have failed too. I found forgiveness for myself and for others. She is, and always will be, part of a very spiritual period in my life, a time that was accompanied by her harmony in First Call.


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13 New Slang Expressions/Words I’ve had to learn lately

With my oldest starting High School this year (how the hell did THAT happen?) I have had to learn a lot of new things to prepare.  Plus, all his friends spend time with me too so…..let me share my knowledge.

All of these will be from the Urban Dictionary

1.  What Are Those

This is what you say/scream when you see someone wearing shoes or other footwear that are dirty and/or non-brand unknown. You should also point your finger in the air then while saying “what are those?!” Make your way down to the person shoes, all while their back is turned.
*boy sees dirty non-branded shoes*

Boy: What Are Those?!

Crowd: *laughs*

2. Deez Nuts
Just F’ing with someone
eh, yo, what’s the ellos/ellas form of Sacar?


Sacan deez nuts!!!!!

ADDED:  From this video. Yeah.  Pretty silly.
3.  On Fleek
the quality of being perfect, or on point i.e. Zayn Malik
Zayn is on fleek due to his ability to appear perfect at all times.
ADDED: From this video
4.  Crunk
In 1995, Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter were scheming ways to get past the TV censors on Conan’s late night talk show, and they settled on an all-purpose, suitable replacement for the infamous seven dirty swearwords that they couldn’t say on TV: Crunk. The choice to use that word was definitely not random. Ice T just happened to be on the show that night, and he likely fed the word to them beforehand and certainly helped fuel its popularity during the telecast (“That was seriously crunked up, right there.”). But Ice never claimed to have come up with the word–he probably got it from Dirty South rappers, who had been using it for years as a euphemism for getting really crazy and fucked up on marijuana and alcohol (stoned and drunk. Chronic plus Drunk = Crunk). Or maybe crack and drunk. Or coke and drunk. Or maybe just being crazy and drunk. Whatever it is, it means getting really crazy and fucked up. And with Conan’s introduction of the word to northern suburban audiences, Crunk came into its own as the recognized sound of the new generation of Dirty South Rap, prompting white college fratboys everywhere to wander around going “WHHHUT!! OKAAY!! YEEEAAHHH!!” like annoying dipshits. and it’s all thanks to Lil Jon, and by Lil Jon I mean Dave Chappelle.
5.  Bae
Bæ/bae is a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.
Bae I love u so much

Brian, my bae

I just made a bæ

6.  Turnt Up
– thee act of getting drunk and high to thee highest degree
– getting loose {whether that be just being wild or engaging in sexual activity}
shanay got supper turnt up at thee party last night.
7.  Basic
There’s a couple of different definitions for this one.
Urban Dictionary:
An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action.


Transparent motives.

Pat was trying to fuck that drunk girl – so basic.

Shelby was showing off her tits for attention – fucking basic.

But I’ve also heard this one.
Definition: A word used to describe a girl who is only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending. Typically used to describe your personality as boring, bland or uninteresting. Also used to describe ubiquitous pieces of clothing at the Gap, which is a shockingly accurate analogy.
Used in a sentence: “There is nothing special about her at all—she’s supes basic.”

8.  Thirsty
1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate
(Boy running up) “Ay gurl whasup? Look, you lookin real nice, can I get that young number?”

(Girl under breath) “Thirsty”

9.  Squad
Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity. The term is a bit flashy and is more likely to be heard in hip-hop lyrics than in spoken conversation.
You step to me, and my whole squad will come down on you.
10.  Step To Me
When one individual behaves in a manner which could be perceived as threatening to another individual, either physically or emotionally so.

See also: Up in my business

“She got up in my face, and I said “Bitch, did you just step to me? You did NOT just step to me!”
11.  Yaaas
to Agree with or give props
When your friend looks good

“yaaaas bitch yaaaaas”
when your friend says stevie j the king of rats you reply “yaaaaaaas”

Friend 1: that bitch ugly as fuck two teas bitch cuz that aint none of my business

Friend 2: yaaaaaas

12.  AF
The acronym stands for ‘as fuck.’
That dinner was good AF.
13.  Dat Ass Doe
That ass though.

A woman can be an idiot, or have an ugly face, but if she has a nice ass it makes you want to say “dat ass doe”
The same is true of her legs, “Dem legs doe!” “Them legs though”

“Dat hoe has got an ugly face, but dat ass doe”

Friend 1: “that girl is stupid.”
Friend 2: “but dat ass doe.”
Friend 1: “true.”

You. Are. Welcome.


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So…you’ve heard of these Right? 13 Viners I actually watch.

Okay.  So if you’re like me, you may not know what a “Vine” is until the explosion of weird phrases and sayings make it’s way out in general conversation (usually of teenagers).  I have since discovered “Viners” and I’m watching a bunch of them.  Here’s a few I like to watch.

1.  The Eh Bee family

I watch this for me.  LOL!!!!

2.  Brandon Calvillo

3.  Manon Mathews

4.  Matt Cutshall

5 Arielle Vandenburg

6.  Lizzzzza

7,  Allicattt

8.  The Mighty Duck 

I like his mom.  He’s kind of a PIA.

9.  Thomas Sanders

I love love love these.

10.  The Gabbie Show

11.  Aaron Doh

He yells a lot, but he’s funny!!!

12. Dope Island

This one I’m never sure if I’m going to laugh…or think. It certainly gets a response.

13.  Alex Ramos

More screaming.  Sometimes VERY annoying but…yeah….I laugh.


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