Thirteen Random Thoughts Part Duex

Yep. It’s the lazy person’s TT. Enjoy.
1. I hate that I have to wait so damn long to watch NCIS and NCIS LA.
2. Which leads into did anyone else think that the ending to NCIS LA’s season premiere made very little sense?
3. I go to McDonalds for lunch WAY too much.
4. The Redneck is sick and, therefore, whiny. Yuck
5. I think I’m going to be able to fix my werewolf.
6. But man is JOSHUA A PAIN
No really. Check it out. See? He’s mean!!
7. My kids are absolutely adorable. And I’m not biased at all.
Truly. Look.

8. Go Huskies!!!!
9. I had to look up what an Earl is called…
And how he’s addressed. It’s kind of hard to make up English royalty. Just sayin’.
10. I bought two pairs of work pants EXACT SAME STYLE AND SIZE..
but different colors. One fits perfectly, the others are tight. I don’t get it.
11. I’m getting my hair retouched
Which will be very nice.
12. I woke up at 4:20am because I HAD to write
That werewolf is annoying.
13. Having an EDJ, writing and being a mom is exhausting.



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6 responses to “Thirteen Random Thoughts Part Duex

  1. #13 – yes. absolutely yes.

    Sleep with silver under your pillow to keep the werewolf from waking you?

  2. Yup Many authors are tired moms lol Happy T13!

  3. I love both incarnations of NCIS. NCIS:LA was seriously cracking me up this week. If nothing else, Deeks is good for many laughs.

  4. Like minds thinking (somewhat) alike, I see…

    I’m sorry to hear you have a whiny man in your house – my hubby and I are both sick, but guess who’s doing the bulk of the whining? That’s right – it’s certainly not the one with the XX chromosomal setup.


    I think Elise might be on to something, btw…

  5. #10 is why I hate shopping. You have to actually try everything on. Everything.

  6. jodi

    ahh…a woman after my own heart. I buy duplicates of stuff I like too. And it’s weird how the duplicate never fits.

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