Wow! The rules ARE followed!

I didn’t even think news networks had limits about this stuff. Hell, with the way reporters seem to have such bias these days, I didn’t have a clue they weren’t supposed to donate to political campaigns.
Shocking, but true!
Apparently, NBC has a policy about donating to candidates that are interviewed by the network.
It would be nice if, in the interests of keeping journalism more about facts and less about entertainment, all the networks had similar rules.
And let us know they had them.



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3 responses to “Wow! The rules ARE followed!

  1. I’m shocked. Fox News has given almost all the GOP candidates for president in ’12 their own TV shows and a salary and yet no one bats an eyelash.

    John Kasich has his own program on Fox and now he’s the new governor of Ohio.

    Something’s wrong with this picture.

  2. Jen

    Hell, it’s all so blatant that I didn’t think there was
    ANY rules about this. I pretty much figured any journalistic integrity was out the window.

  3. I am just SO FREAKING GLAD that the election is over. Now we’ll have a couple of months without the constant yahyahyah of political ads until they start running for 2012. 😉

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