The future awaits…

Let’s talk about publishing.

I began to write in 2004 with the idea of getting published as a romance author.  That led me to Harlequin, which led me to the Harlequin forums, which introduced me to Romance Divas, which led me to e-publishing. (Whew).

I wrote a Romantic Suspense which was rejected by Harlequin and two agents.  At the urging of my then critique partners, I submitted “A Taste Of Christmas”, a short story for the holidays, to Cobblestone Press.

Lo! And Behold!  I was offered a contract.  The book was published December 2006. Simultaneously, I had become fascinated by and determined to try my hand at Erotic Romance.  I was introduced to some of the early Erotic Romance Writers who I loved and followed avidly.  Eden Bradley, Joey W. Hill, Robin Rotham, and Crystal Jordan showed me a new genre that led to my absolute love for BDSM Romance and all its tributaries. 

So, a month after I was given a contract for my sweet romance, A Taste Of Christmas, I was offered a contract for “Tied Up In Tinsel” with Wild Rose Press.  This story is no longer available.  I wrote a series of BDSM stories set in a small town setting for Wild Rose Press which I received the rights back in 2015, and rereleased as “David’s House” series “Masked”, “Stripped”, “Burned” and “Owned”

And I was off.  Published in the new, changing publishing landscape of E-Publishing.  I worked my ass off and FINALLY was published with Ellora’s Cave where many of my Erotic Romance heroes were published.  I sent in a book to KENSINGTON!  It was rejected, but not in a horrible “oh-my-God! You-can’t-write” sort of way.

Then, disaster. 

One by one, my publishers went out of business.   At one time, I’d been published by seven e-publishers under two pen names.  By 2013, five of them were gone, or no longer sold Erotic Romance.  My editor at Wild Rose Press left and I received my rights back and self-published those books. 

My day job got insane with a new boss, new responsibilities, and more stress.  My writing hit a brick wall.  My last release of a new book was in 2015.  Six years in publishing is a LIFETIME.

All this to say that I’ve been poking the internet for upcoming “trends” in publishing.  What in the hell is going on out there?  How has publishing changed in the face of the pandemic? 

Today, I read this.  written in August 2021. 

I also watched this video which I found interesting.

I finished my first new book (part of a series) and sent it off to a trusted writer friend for analysis.  Because six fucking years is a long fucking time.  Yes.  That needed the “F” word.

Everything seems to have changed.  It’s a new, glorious, scary world out there.  But you know what?  The story continues. 

I’ll keep you updated.

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