Thirteen Reasons To Buy “A Love Neverending” by Rowan Larke

Awesome book! I can tell you it’s BRILLIANT.
1. The Cover

Anne Cain is so fantastic. She never misses.
2. The Concept
Rowan Larke tends to write Light/Dark contrasting. She has taken on a very dark, very complicated topic and made it gorgeous.
3. The Prose
The writing in this story is beautiful. As always.
4. Jason
The hero in this book is such a fantastic character.
5. Clarissa
There’s enough angst in that heroine for anyone. She’s so complicated and fragile, yet strong as steel.
6. Mahai
Dirty angel of pain. *happy sigh*
7. Tamiel
Dirty angel of death. *happy sigh*
8. The Ending
Just a little secret. There were two alternate endings. The one published is effing BRILLIANT!!!!!
9. The Hot Sex
Oh. My. God. Fantastic.
10. Dirty Hot Angel Sex
Oh. My. God.
11. The Angst
Rowan Larke takes on suicide, death, hopelessness, violence and the pain of being a survivor. She is absolutely amazing.
12. Did I mention Tamiel?
Hot leather pants. Big muscular angel wings. Mmmmmmmm.
13. The writing
Rowan Larke is absolutely BRILLIANT and you do NOT want to miss this offering from her.

BUY IT HERE (and check out the excerpt too)


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10 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Buy “A Love Neverending” by Rowan Larke

  1. Awesome interview! I hope when I’m published, I have people write interviews about me like that!! πŸ™‚ I love the descriptions of the hawt angels, too. ROWR!

  2. Sounds like a great book. πŸ™‚ Happy Thursday, Jen!

  3. That is a great cover. Nice promo job!

  4. Sophia Parkwood

    You sell me every time! Adding this one to the to be purchased list. Congrats to Rowan on the new release. Happy Thursday!

  5. ’10. Dirty Hot Angel Sex
    Oh. My. God.’

    Yeah, baby.

  6. Shawna

    This book is at the top of my Christmas wishlist! I love Rowan Larke!

  7. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this book. Awesome!

  8. you had me at dirty hot angel sex…
    on my way to buy..;-)

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