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Thirteen Reasons To Buy “The Mask She Wears”


Well, you KNOW I had to do it. With a release yesterday, I have to do my shameless promotion whore action. LOL.
With my tongue firmly in check.

1. Anonymous Sex
Yep. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

2. D/s play
My favorite to read (and apparently my favorite to write too!)

3. Handcuffs
That don’t involve law enforcement.

4. Scenes with only scent, touch and smell
Try it sometime. It’s not easy but TOTALLY worth it.

5. Great angst
No story without angst right? LOL.

6. Because you don’t want to see me cry
Really. Hate me. Beat me. Just don’t ignore me. LOL.

7. Mask Girl
She was a pain in my ass for MONTHS. I thought she was going to kill me.

8. It’s less than a Latte
Well, that’s what Crystal says.

9. It’s totally sexy
Really. Justin is a sexy guy and a sweetie too.

10. David
I think he’s my second favorite secondary character. (Pogie is my favorite).

11. Did I mention the handcuffs?
I like the handcuffs.

12. The Character Growth
Really. Especially Mask Girl. She went from basket case closed off woman to totally free. I loved seeing that happen.

13. Did I mention you don’t want to see me cry?
It’s not pretty. Really.

CLICK HERE to stop the tears


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