13 Reasons I Love Fall

It’s going to be Labor Day Weekend and that means that Fall is on its way.  I love the Fall.  Here’s why.

1.  FOOTBALL!!!!

I love Football season.  Especially High School Football.

2.  Apple Cider

Around here, we have the Apple Harvest Festival and Clendenan’s Cider.  Best. Ever.

3.  Soup

When it gets cold, I get to make soup for dinner.  Homemade soup is awesome.

4.  Politics

Now, normally I don’t like politics much.  But around September, I enjoy the debates, the discussion, the analysis of local, state and U.S. politics.  I know.  It’s weird.

5.  New Premieres

I don’t live by them, but I love new shows that come out in the Fall.

6.  The sun changes angles.

I find the sun way too bright during the Spring and Summer, but during the fall, it’s still sunny, yet the light is softer.

7.  Rain

In Humboldt, September is the month the weather begins to switch.  Rain starts to move in.  I love the rain.

8.  Coffee

This is the time that great flavors of coffee come out.  Not just pumpkin spice, but Apple caramel and others that feel like fall.

9.  Warm Clothes

I like coats and scarves and boots.

10.  Shorter Days

I love it that the quiet nights start earlier.

11.  My birthday

My birthday is tomorrow and always signals the beginning of Fall for me.

12.  The End of Allergies 

Spring and Summer are my worst times for allergies.  They back off as Fall begins.

13.  Did I mention Football?

Huskies first football game 2015

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One response to “13 Reasons I Love Fall

  1. w0rdtrix

    Looking forward to fall premieres and slightly cooler weather, but am already sick of the presidential campaign — and we haven’t even seen the non-stop ads yet. My T13

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