13 Reasons Summer is NOT my time of year

1.  I find the sun is too damn bright.

It burns us

2.  I get sunburned easily

I was born to darkness

3.  Heat + Hot Flashes = MISERY

Hot flash

4.  Never enough ice

Don't care how I want it now

5.  Kids are home aaaaaalll day

6.  And they make dishes

7.  And they don’t wash them


8.  It’s busy at work

9.  For some reason all my deadlines seem to fall in the three months of summer


10.  Allergies

pollen death star

11.  Even if I liked sunny days (which I really don’t) I’m stuck in the office


12.  Everyone thinks I’m crazy because I don’t love summer.


13.  Did I mention the hot flashes?

Hot flash 2



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18 responses to “13 Reasons Summer is NOT my time of year

  1. w0rdtrix

    I’m with you on 1, 2 and 10. Also not a big fan of bees this week (esp ground bees). My T13

  2. Jen

    Ugh. Bees. LOL!!!! I’m all for them pollinating and such, but please don’t buzz me.

  3. CountryDew

    It’s not my favorite season, either. Comes in third to Spring and Autumn. Winter is dead last. I enjoyed your illustrations.

  4. Ha! Good post. I’m a summer lover, but I can following your fun reasoning.


    But there are pools and blueberries and beaches too!

  6. Well, here in the very northeastern corner of a very northeastern state, where summer’s about half a week long, these sentiments are not generally shared. Now maybe I’ll go and create a similar list about winter.

    • Jen

      LOL!!! True. No, I know I’m an odd duck. I live in a beautiful place that rarely gets over 80 degrees. It’s foggy a lot. It’s the perfect place for me.

  7. I feel for you, though I’m alright with all that hot and my kids are moving out.

  8. Sue

    If I didn’t have a pool, I’d be more inclined to agree. *ducks thrown mug*

  9. Love the gif you chose for each point.
    Since I never have summer my whole life, I can’t agree or disagree with you 😉

  10. Jen

    You’ve never had summer? Now I’m curious.

  11. I’m not a fan of summer, either. Too hot. Too bright. Too summery. My kids like to watch vines, but I never have, really.

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