I’m baaack Mother Fucker!!!!!

Did you miss me?


Princess bride lemme splain

On the marriage front:  The Redneck and I are doing well.  We’ve had some interesting shit go down which included getting fired by our Marriage counselor, weird signs and portents that would take forever to explain and a busy ass summer.

On the writing front:  I’ve been mired in a struggle with a book called Master Charming which was supposed to be light and frothy.  I’m not sure if I pull it off, but it’s going to Loose-Id at the end of the month to see if they want to take it.

Other projects have been tough to get through due to my fucked up circumstances.

I’ve gotten a tattoo, gone full on back into Al-Anon meetings, made some changes that I hope will make a difference, and discovered that I don’t hate my job.

Now, I have returned in all my fucked up glory.  I don’t know what this blog will look like.  I know that I did some writing over on FetLife that was a good outlet for me.  Like journaling.

Meanwhile, it’s good to be back.  It may take a while to get started, but we’ll get it going.


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One response to “I’m baaack Mother Fucker!!!!!

  1. w0rdtrix

    Good to “see” you again, Jennifer!

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