Thirteen Random Things About Me….

I’m baaaaack!  Didja miss me?  LOL!

1.  I hate taking Selfiies

Every time I have to do it, I feel horrible about myself.  LOL!  This was my latest one.


2.  I was a Music Major in college

My dream was to be a choir director, but I got distracted and my grades plummeted.

3.  I worked for 8 years as a CNA

Home Care and then in a hospital.  I went on Maternity leave and never went back.

4.  I love rain

It’s my favorite weather.  I don’t like the sun much.  LOL!

5.  I don’t like wearing makeup

I do it because I have to for work, but I don’t like it.

6.  I’m not a crazed fan

I have tons of authors, music and actors that I love but I don’t find out every scrap of detail about stuff.  I wouldn’t have any time for anything else.  LOL!

7.  I was once a singer in a band….

Not a very good one.  But I did do it.

8.  I can’t resist chips and dip

It’s my downfall.  I try and use salsa instead of a sour cream based dip, but sometimes I GOTTA HAVE IT!  LOL!!

9.  The first book I submitted for publication was a romantic suspense

I like mystery with my romance.

10.  I live in a small town.

about twelve thousand people.

11.  I reread Dorothy L. Sayer’s “Gaudy Night” every year.

I love that book.

12.  My favorite author is Joey W. Hill.

13.  I have rented the Bourne series a million times.  

I should just buy them.



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2 responses to “Thirteen Random Things About Me….

  1. I also lean toward Romantic Suspense, have played in a band – though only for a couple of shows – and didn’t return to work when the maternity leave ran out.

  2. w0rdtrix

    I also love rain, and like you dislike makeup and selfies.

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