13 Things about “Christmas At Arundale Hall” Coming December 1, 2014


1. This is my first Self Published book
I collaborated on one that came out last July, but I my co-author did most of the work.
2. My cover was done by P And N Graphics
and they were fantastic to work with.
3. I used my former EC Editor
Who was one of the myriad of people laid off in August. I’m so glad she decided to go freelance.
4. The hero, Edward Jaimison, is a male submissive
And I adore him.
5. Edward has been featured in the other two Arundale books
And in “Witch of Arundale Hall” he is totally hot and sexy.
6. Chantal D’Insigny is a female Dominant
A witch with power. Cat nip for someone like Edward.
7. Edward isn’t a wolf
Though he’s employed by the Arundale men as a Man of Business. He’s a family friend, a confidante and their protector.
8. He and Chantal aren’t reeeeally kinky.
They’re hot and sexy, but they are more about the psychological aspects of kink rather than the toys. Something that was probably pretty common in the 19th Century.
9. Researching 19th Century Christmas traditions was fun
10. Witches and Werewolves…what’s not to like?”
11. I didn’t know who Jaimison’s love interest was going to be…
…until Chantal made her appearance later in “Witch of Arundale Hall”. No one was more surprised than I was. LOL!
12. Originally, Chantal was only going to be a minor secondary character, but Jaimison fell for her so….
13. These two are SMOKIN’!
Seriously. I had a blast writing them.



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8 responses to “13 Things about “Christmas At Arundale Hall” Coming December 1, 2014

  1. Yay on the indie pubbing! Congratulations!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com

  2. Jen

    Thanks Paige! I’m NERVOUS! LOL!

  3. w0rdtrix

    Nice cover. I bet the Christmas research was both fun and interesting.

  4. Wow! So cool! You’ll link us up Dec. 1st, right?

  5. I mean give us the link to where you’re selling it.

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