13 Reasons to be Grateful Part II

1. Train Boy
My oldest son is amazing. He’s smart, funny and just an all around fantastic human being. That’s pretty amazing to say about and almost 14 year old. He turns 14 next Tuesday.
2. Demolition Boy
My youngest has the biggest heart and he’s creative as well as smart. He’s going to be 13 this Saturday.
3. The Redneck
My husband makes me nuts sometimes and the last year has been a rough one, but he’s pretty awesome and I’m lucky to have him.
4. My boss
I just found out yesterday that my current boss is going to be leaving. That means I’ll be getting my 6th boss in four years. He’s been probably the best boss I’ve had and I’m going to miss the fuck out of him. I’m just glad I got to have him for the last year and a half.
5. Melissa Blue
There are some people who have stuck with me through a lot of shit and Melissa is one of them. Hard to believe we met six years ago.
6. Michelle Henry
My best friend for the last 19 years. When we met, neither of us had any idea that we’d be still close after all this time.
7. My writing
What an amazing thing this has been for me!!!! I’m so grateful that the opportunities are there.
8. Crystal Jordan
My fantastic friend, fellow author and web designer.
9. Romance Divas
That place has been a haven for me.
10. Toni Sue Versteeg
I think she and I have been friends since 2006 when we met on Divas. She is ALWAYS there for me. Always.
11. Joey W. Hill
This author has inspired me, encouraged me and I’m so grateful I was pointed in her direction back in 2007.
12. You Tube
I know that seems weird, but through that channel, I found The Vlog Brothers, new music and a lot of inspiration over the years. I’m grateful that someone thought of it and ran with it.
13. Boy Scouts
I don’t know that I’d be outdoors as much at my age if it wasn’t for this organization. It’s been amazing for my kids too.



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3 responses to “13 Reasons to be Grateful Part II

  1. This just goes to proves how important people are in our lives. I’m loving and appreciating my space heater right now, but family would top my list, too.

  2. w0rdtrix

    Even though I awoke to snow this morning, I’m grateful it’s not the foot plus they received up north this week. My T13

  3. w0rdtrix

    Your blog is sending my comments with a link to my blog to the junk bin again… 😦

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