13 Things I’m Grateful For Part 1

It’s November and I’ve decided to share all the things I’m grateful for this month. I think I need a reminder in this busy, busy time of my life. Today’s is a general sort of grateful-things that I have because I’m American, or white, or employed. Things that millions of people around the world don’t have.

1. Clean Water
I have potable water that I can drink and I can shower every day.
2. Hot water
Along those lines, I have a water heater that heats my water for washing dishes and taking showers. I got a good idea of how awesome this is when I went a month without a water heater and had to heat it by hand,
3. I’m employed
And I get paid a living wage. I mean, there are people working for pennies.
4. I can vote
I am a woman and I have a voice. There are thousands upon thousands of women who have no voice, who are less than cattle in their society.
5. I can protest
I am allowed, by virtue of my citizenship of the United States, to express my displeasure, my protest, my differing opinion about my government without threat of violence or suppression by my government. For the most part.
6. I eat every day
And I eat well. I skip a meal voluntarily. There are thousands in America alone who don’t get enough to eat.
7. I have internet
There are countries that have sporadic and slow internet. I have been supremely lucky to live in a country with advanced technology.
8. I finished high school and went to college.
I am a woman and I was given the opportunity to be educated. I can read and write. I am not dependent completely on my husband to earn a wage.
9. I have a car
At one time, we had TWO cars (and we may again). We are extremely blessed to be able to have any vehicle at all.
10. My children have been vaccinated
In many countries, childhood diseases are still killing children. In this country, my children have been protected.
11. I have health insurance
So many people, even with the new Obamacare can’t afford basic care. BASIC care. Like prescriptions and doctor’s visits.
12. I am employed
Some of you know that I hate my Evil Day Job but I am SO LUCKY AND BLESSED to have that job.
13. I have a cell phone
And so does The Redneck and so does Train Boy. And probably for Christmas, so will Demolition Boy. Pretty damn blessed, I’d say.



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2 responses to “13 Things I’m Grateful For Part 1

  1. My son is living without most of this. He sleeps in parks and under bridges when he’s not crashing on our couch. The one thing he clings to is his cell phone. With that he can manage the rest about half the time.

  2. w0rdtrix

    Good post, Jennifer!

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