Thirteen Things I’ve Done To Avoid Writing For The Last Two Weeks

I finally finished the last scene on my book slated to be self-published yesterday but really, that scene should have been done long before I finished it. Here’s 13 things I did to procrastinate.
1. Facebook
Quizzes. I won’t stop taking those damn quizzes.
2. Publishing Drama
Serious time suck. Twitter, blogs, a million links to insanity…time suck.
3. Twitter hastag #notchilled
Related to the above. I spent a LOT of time reading all the tweets connected to this. Tiiiiiime Suuuuuuck.
4. Romance Divas
and related to that…
5. We All Win Critiques
Romance Divas had “First Fight” entries for the We All Win workshop. And I preferred to read snippets from someone else’s work and tell them my opinion than write the last 300 words on my book.
6. Formatting
Okay, this wasn’t really a time waster since I’m trying to learn to do this (and failing) but I also started formatting a poetry book for my husband rather than work on my shit too so….yeah.
7. Music
I use the excuse that I need inspiration to spend way too much time on YouTube.
8. T.V. Shows
I started to have to tell myself I couldn’t watch shows I like unless I did some work first. It worked about 50% of the time.
9. Read
There’s been some awesome book releases of late. Luckily, I’ve been totally broke so I wasn’t able to buy as many as I would have liked.
10. First Person Quirkfest
I have a story I was writing that is TOTALLY different from other stuff I write and it gets really interesting when I’m avoiding writing.
11. Made pies
I’ve made homemade apple pie rather than write.
12. Scary news articles
I usually avoid these like the plague but they become imperative reading when I’m avoiding writing.
13. Volunteer stuff
I become way more efficient about getting stuff done with organizations I volunteer with when I’m avoiding writing. LOL!

I want to note: None of those 13 things are cleaning. That never seems to happen for me. What do YOU do to procrastinate?



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6 responses to “Thirteen Things I’ve Done To Avoid Writing For The Last Two Weeks

  1. Still sounds busy, though!


    My TT is at

  2. w0rdtrix


  3. w0rdtrix

    Oh, sure — THAt went through, but my actual comment on this post? THAT stupid WP ate. How does one complain to WP about their issues??

    Retry: The things we do to avoid doing what we SHOULD be doing, LOL…

  4. Jen

    LMAO!!! OMG! WP loves to torture you!

  5. Shelley Munro

    I have to be really bored to clean when I’m procrastinating. The minute I start with procrastination, I go out with my laptop to a cafe. No time to procrastinate at present. And the publishing drama. *shaking head* Staying far away because I just get grumpy. I’m moving to plan B.

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