Thirteen Things I’m Learning About Self Publishing

With the rejection of “Christmas at Arundale Hall” by EC, I have to get moving on revisions and setting the book up for self publishing. I’ve learned a few things as I’ve gone through this.

1. Shop around
For this book, I wanted someone I could trust for the cover and to edit, so I went with people I knew in the industry. That means price was, well, what it is.
2. There are up front costs
I knew this, but I had a little bit of sticker shock. LOL!
3. Formatting is another language
Other authors talking about it makes me have to Google all the time. LOL!
4. I worry more
I really don’t want the control, but I’m finding that epublishing has its own risks, so I’m trying this route too.
5. Learning new stuff is tough for me
I have to break old thinking and old habits.
6. It helps to know people
I’ve been lucky that my friends have gone before me and are willing to help me out.
7. The money part is strange.
I always took it for granted and now I have to learn how to do that too.
8. Making a lot of decisions is a part of the process
9. So is making mistakes.
10. It’s an investment
More so than epublishing or traditional publishing.
11. The people I respect in self publishing are the best.
Like Melissa Blue and Emily Ryan Davis.
12. I will have a lot of new skills to learn
13. It’s better to remain calm and keep writing
Which is true in any publishing.



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3 responses to “Thirteen Things I’m Learning About Self Publishing

  1. Welcome to the world of indie! 🙂


    My TT is at

  2. You’ve got me nervous as I’m going to be going through this in the next few months.

  3. w0rdtrix

    Good luck with your endeavor, Jennifer. Sorry I missed last week’s T13 — must do better this week. 😕

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