Thirteen Random Things From The Last Week

Mastered3D-21. “MASTERED” the New York Times best selling box set I’ve been a privilege to be a part of is on iBooks and it’s $0.99 again for a short time! You can find it for sale at iBooks HERE.
2. Self Publishing Projects
I haven’t delved much into this arena, but I have two projects that I’ve been working on that will be self published. One is “Christmas At Arundale Hall” which was rejected by Ellora’s Cave and that I’ve decided to release as a self published novel. The other project is the sequel to the collaboration I did with Emily Ryan Davis for the “Mastered” box set.
3. I made my McKenzie Clam Chowder which was one of the two recipes I sent in for a the cookbook that I was asked to be a part of Snap4Kids cookbook which should be out in time for the holidays.
4. I cleaned out my bedroom closet
Believe me. That was a huge deal. LOL!
5. I got Robert Cray’s new release “In My Soul”
For the first time in a LONG TIME and it was awesome.
7. Football practice was cancelled due to lightning
Which is the first time that’s ever happened since my kid has played.
8. I realized I’m the mother of a hottie.
So, it’s after a football game and my son and I are in Walmart for a quick stop. He was putting the cart away walking ahead of me, football pants and a t-shirt. This girl-maybe 12?-stops dead and checks. Him. Out. Like looks him up and down like he’s an ice cream cone. And he glances her way with the same up and down look. I was STUNNED I tell you! I had no idea my 13 (almost 14) year old had suddenly become prime meat. It was…an interesting sensation.
9. I made homemade Chicken Strips
With honey flavored tempura flakes. They were yummy.
10. I feel like I’ve been running my ass off this week
But I’m hard pressed to find 13 reasons why. LOL!
11. We had recruitment for Boy Scouts and got some awesome people.
12. I reaffirmed that Facebook Drama is something to AVOID.
13. I had artichokes on a pizza and ate it
Though I don’t know that I’d order it again. LOL!



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8 responses to “Thirteen Random Things From The Last Week

  1. My son is now 19 years old. He lost his virginity at 14. I was amazed he made it that long.

  2. w0rdtrix

    Sounds like you’ve had an interesting and eventful week. Glad you got some rain! My T13

  3. How do I guy Mastered? I keep trying, but the button doesn’t work on either my desktop or my ipad.

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