“Temptation to Submit” by Jennifer Leeland


In the midst of a hostile takeover, Tori Rodgers’s private life goes crazy and the skeletons from her closet are rattling. It doesn’t help that she keeps trading insults with the CFO of the company that’s raided hers. But Vegas brings out her insanity and she finds herself at Atticus Paulus’s mercy. His offer of Dominance brings her to the brink of total surrender and she knows he’ll never forgive her when he finds out she’s been lying to him.

Whatever secrets Victoria has hidden Atticus has decided he’s going to discover. She’s a brat sub, the kind he avoids, and yet, he can’t resist her. He admires her strength, her determination and the spankable parts drive him over the edge. The closer he gets to her, the more he desires her trust. But there are more secrets than the ones Victoria keeps and uncovering them might cost more than either of them ever dreamed. Even with all that’s at stake, Atticus knows he can’t give up offering her the temptation to submit.

BUY IT HERE http://www.loose-id.com/temptation-to-submit.html

I’m giving away ebooks, a print copy of my book “Dark Revenge”, Amazon Gift Certificates and possibly some books by a couple of my favorite authors in celebration of my new releases and my birthday!  Come and party with me.  




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2 responses to ““Temptation to Submit” by Jennifer Leeland

  1. I just read “Declaration to Submit” and IMMEDIATELY had to read “Temptation to Submit” WOW! They were both awesome. The dynamics you were able to create between these strong, successful, professional women whom most people would never have seen as even remotely submissive and powerful personalities of the men required “see” them and understand their needs and in the process discover some their own were incredible and I must say very well written. (and extremely hot! lol)

    I am not a person that normally leaves comments or “bugs” an author about the next book because I understand that writing an amazing story like this is a lot of work and that most authors have many different stories “in play” at the same time, but I am making an exception to the rule because I can’t wait to read Gina’s story. Since I am breaking my own rules already I might as well say I think Yarina needs a story too :-).

  2. Jen

    This has MADE MY WEEK! Thank you so much. Yes, Gina’s story is in play and Yarina’s is in the planning stages. I’ve got two Christmas stories I’m clicking away on so everything else has taken a back seat until I get those stories finished. I can’t wait to get Gina’s story out! I’m so glad you liked these two books! I love them too.

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