Thirteen random things about the last week

1.  I submitted two recipes for a “celebrity” cookbook

I was asked to be a part of Snap4Kids cookbook and was honored.

2.  I released “Witch of Arundale”

3.  I had publishing drama.

4.  I had local school politics drama

5.  The Redneck and I finally came out of the funk we were in

6.  I obsessed about the news and then quit watching the news

7.  I forgot more than I remembered this week

8.  I received two copies of my print book “Dark Revenge” that I bought for my upcoming Facebook party and giveaway.

9.  “Christmas At Arundale Hall” was rejected

10.  I have officially decided to do some self publishing

11.  I got two plot bunnies neither of which were feasible for me to write.

12.  I can’t think of what else I did but it seems like I was running all week

13.  I realized I am SO GRATEFUL that I have books at more than one publisher


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One response to “Thirteen random things about the last week

  1. w0rdtrix

    Sounds like you had a hectic week — hope this one has been better! My T13: In Search of Sunflowers

    (Have I mentioned how much I despise WP lately??)

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