13 Things About “Witch Of Arundale Hall” by Jennifer Leeland

So this sequel to “Wolf of Arundale Hall” came out August 8th so I thought I’d give you a few things about the book.
1. I had no idea that there were witches when I wrote the first one
2. Lady Sarah’s story was a complete mystery until almost the end of the first book.
3. Perry Arundale strugggles with addiction to alcohol
He hated his wolf inside and drank to suppress it.
4. When Perry’s parents died, he was forced to live with his Grandmother, Lady Marion North
5. Perry’s grandmother essentially made him feel worthless
6. In contrast, Lady Sarah was raised to believe she was very important.
7. Lady Sarah had a vision of Perry when she was young and fell in love with him though she didn’t know his name.
8. Researching Bayeux, France was a pain in the ass. LOL!
9. Lady Sarah isn’t the kind of witch who does spells and stuff.
10. But she meets one who does in France.
11. The fun scenes to write were the action scenes
12. Perry is a little less kinky than his brother, Joshua, from Wolf of Aurndale.
13. Edward Jaimison, also in the first book, gets his story in the next book “Christmas at Arundale Hall” which I’ve finished and hope to submit at the end of August

A wicked curse on the men of Arundale transforms them into bloodthirsty beasts when their passions are high. Lady Sarah Ayers can wait no longer to do what only she can—end the curse. Her ancestor cast the spell, and she must undo it. But to accomplish her goal, she cannot let her body overrule her sense of duty, no matter how hard she finds it to resist the deviant sexual impulses that hold her in thrall to Perry Arundale.
Perry will do whatever it takes, with his words or his wilder side, to make Sarah his. But he doesn’t know that the bond between them could lead Sarah to lose not only her heart but her life.

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4 responses to “13 Things About “Witch Of Arundale Hall” by Jennifer Leeland

  1. Sounds great! Congratulations!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  2. Wishing you many sales for the new release! Thanks for visiting. ☺

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