The Scientific Method by Joey W. Hill (Part of the “MASTERED” box set)

One of the best things about being an author is that sometimes I get to read books before they’re officially released. Being part of the “Mastered” box set with Joey W. Hill, I got to read “The Scientific Method” before it is out. (You can preorder it HERE if you haven’t already.)
Lord Brian and Debra have been recurring characters in Joey Hill’s Vampire series and they’ve always seemed like the perfect couple. This story reveals how complicated relationships can be.
The plot itself is a great one and I hope you’ll read it for the details. As usual, Joey Hill gets to the heart of something that I struggle with-that I think a lot of women struggle with.
Take away the paranormal trappings of the story, and there’s a devastating truth buried inside. I am a submissive to the core, my instinct in any relationship is to give. In a healthy relationship, that instinct is reciprocated in a unique way-a Dominant/submissive way. But sometimes (even in healthy relationships) there are times when one partner is withdrawn, unavailable, thoughtless. And it can perpetuate itself. It can start with a hurtful remark whether shouted in the heat of the moment or thrown out carelessly that grows into a wall between two people who suddenly wake up to a divide they have no idea how to scale.
How often have we heard couples heading for divorce saying they “grew apart”? This story nails the heart of the problem with gut wrenching accuracy. Debra feels as if she “doesn’t matter” and for a submissive, that’s fatal. Seriously fucking fatal. And I speak from painful experience. For Brian, he’s comfortable in his oblivious world, where Debra responds to him sexually and never complains. Though he has access to her thoughts, he doesn’t listen.
I sense a metaphor there, Ms. Hill.
The emotions that roll through Debra-the despair, the hurt-are feelings I’m familiar with and I think a lot of women are. We KNOW who we marry. I KNOW that the Redneck is a workaholic with family issues. I KNOW that his first marriage left damage that might come out in ugly ways. I KNOW all that. And yet, I can’t reconcile the two thoughts-he loves me and he hurts me. Of course, with Lord Brian, he CAN’T admit that he loves Debra. For a vampire, it’s a weakness that’s punished. And in a human male world, softer emotions are viewed as weak. Another metaphor?
But the one thing that I related to most in Debra was the way Lord Brian just…accepted her gift of submission and her hard work as if it was completely natural. Instead of viewing it as special and beautiful-something to be cherished-he avoided any deeper emotions.
One of the things I love about the world Joey Hill creates is that her vampires can read their servants minds. Whenever I’m asked what superpower I’d want, that’s the one I long for-the ability to know EXACTLY what the fuck is going on in someone’s head. But though Brian has that ability, he doesn’t use it to enhance intimacy or learn more about the woman he owns. In my opinion, another metaphor. How often do we waste time-precious time we have so little of-arguing about stupid shit? Talking about things that don’t matter and avoiding the important things?
So once again, Joey Hill brings it all out in the open and dissects it in the most amazing way. One thing I always get from one of Joey Hill’s books is CONNECTION! That’s what people want-to touch each other on a deeper level. I relate to Debra because she longs for MORE. Not in a selfish, grasping way. She wants MORE CONNECTION to the person she loves. She wants to feel like she matters TO HIM.
It’s heartbreaking to read those feelings on the page, but the progression of Lord Brian’s awakening to his servant’s feelings and his own is worth experiencing.
And thanks again, Joey. Ya know. For making me cry.



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  1. I’ve not had the opportunity to get these new books. No $. I’m have gotten some idea from excerpts. just makes me all the more anxious to read them.
    Happiness is a bunch of new books and a carload of munchies!

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