Thirteen From My Favorites Videos

I don’t favorite a video on YouTube unless I plan to watch it a lot. So here’s a few that I’ve added to the list recently.

1. Tony And Ziva

2. Cameleon

3. Submissive

4. Torn To Pieces by Pop Evil

5. I Believe by Christina Perri

6. Will Wheaton being his usual brilliant self

7. Karuk Brush Dance Song

8. Run To You by Pentatonix

9. The Bullying Experiment

10. Eclipse 6 Santa Rap

11. Xmas Flash Mob Museum of Fine Arts Boston

12. Beautiful Girl by Sara Bareilles

13. Unconditional by Katy Perry



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6 responses to “Thirteen From My Favorites Videos

  1. I adore the Will Wheaton clip! Pop Evil is great too.

  2. Fun TT! I hardly ever go on YouTube! LOL!


    My TT is at

  3. You know I love any clip featuring Tony and Ziva. Three cheers for the Will Wheaton clip. Love his guest appearances on TBBT. Mine: Recently Viewed

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