Thirteen Reasons this Thursday 13 Is Late

1. Work has been insane
2. My husband’s schedule means he’s home talking to me at 4am
3. My oldest son is angsting He’s 13. It happens.
4. My youngest son is also angsting He’s 12. That happens too.
5. I have a performance/office review next weekI usually refer to it as the “Make Jennifer Cry Day”
6. AllergiesThis time of year kicks my ass.
7. I’d rather write and sometimes that leaves me a bit blank on ideas.
8. I am full on into a secret project and it’s distracting me.
9. I’ve spent less time on YouTube Well a little less time.
10. I have an idea for a TT but didn’t have time to get it out there So, you’ll see it next week.
11. This morning, I HAD to watch “Person of Interest Which left me wondering if they’re cancelling it. Have to Google that.
12. Did I mention work has been insane?
13. I remembered last night and then forgot this morning so……


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One response to “Thirteen Reasons this Thursday 13 Is Late

  1. #6 — They’re kicking my butt lately, too. Evil pollen!
    #10 — That happens to me all the time
    #11 — NOT cancelled, but makes you wonder what the next season has in store.

    My Norsk T13

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