Dear Big Bang Theory

I know that you couldn’t care less what one, lone viewer might think, but I’d like to discuss the last few episodes and why I don’t know if I can watch you anymore.
First of all, let me state that I’m not a rabid fan. You’ll be amused to know that I actually started watching your show because I thought your BLOOPERS videos were hilarious. I was pleased to find that the snappy dialogue was really good and the zingers had depth.
Well, most of them.
In every episode there’s a least two or three lines that are aiming for the lowest common denominator, but for the most part, the interactions are funny.
Until recently.
I was highly frustrated with the direction that Amy and Sheldon’s relationship went, with Sheldon essentially treating Amy so poorly that I was rooting for her to dump him and find some other geek that would actually show her affection. I was angry at the “she’s stupid” comments directed at Penny that seemed endless and the way Howard was depicted in a “laugh at the Beta Male” kind of way.
I almost quit watching after the episode “Work Place Proximity” and tweeted that Amy should dump him. The argument seems to be that Sheldon is a jerk and that’s the way he is-that viewers LiKE him as a jerk. Well, I don’t like him as a jerk. I like him as clueless, arrogant on occasion and socially inept. But lately, his portrayal has degenerated into a petulant, shitty little asshole who refuses to be a real boyfriend, thinks Penny should put up with his crap to be with Leonard, and makes Rajeesh sit on the floor to make a point about a dining room table.
And to turn Amy into the kind of woman who has to lie about being ill and supports Sheldon’s least likable characteristics to keep him as her boyfriend was downright annoying. I was incensed at Sheldon’s behavior when Amy indulges his love of trains and all his phobias to treat him on Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, that kiss was too good for him. Amy is too good for him. Though I’m thrilled for Amy that she finally got some show of affection, I’m still pissed that Sheldon wasn’t on his knees begging forgiveness for being an ass.
Seriously,If I had been Rajeesh, I’d have kept my ass in that dining room chair. I mean, all of them got up because they felt sorry for Sheldon and Amy “all by alone” (why?) and none of them felt sorry for Rajeesh for having to sit on the floor. Again.
You’ve done a good job with Penny, balancing the zingers about her frequent boyfriends and her limited capacity for nerdiness with her big heart and her broken dreams. Why can’t you go to work on Sheldon? Why are you changing Amy into a person I don’t want to like rather than allowing Sheldon to be more human?
I want Sheldon to realize what his life would be like without Amy. I want him to SUFFER when he looks at how he’s treated her and denied her. I want Amy to encounter a nerdy guy who has enough sense to want her sexually. I want Rajeesh to grow up and Howard to grow a set. And I want it to happen over time. You know, character growth.
It was mentioned to me (when I was bitching about this on facebook) that I want this because I write genre fiction. I do understand that you have a franchise that you want to keep going for years and years. I watched this with Seinfeld and, to be honest, I think that show got damn old after the first two years. It was funny, but the same. Every. Week.
Wouldn’t a great story line be to gradually have Sheldon become more human, be in love with Amy, face all the uncertainties we all do about love and THEN meet some genius who was like he was in the beginning? What kind of deeper meaning would Sheldon get from realizing that he ISN’T that robot asshole anymore?
How about Penny? What if she suddenly developed an interest in something that wasn’t alcohol related? Hanging out with geniuses, she might be influenced to become passionate besides something OTHER than Leonard.
It seems, I’m sure, that I’m trying to give depth to a sitcom, but you writers did that yourself. You’ve added the “mommy issues” element and given depth to comedic situations. You’ve done such a great job that when you dip your toes in the shallow end of the pool, I’m disappointed.
If the next few episodes end up being more like “The Table Polarization” and “The Workplace Proximity”, I don’t know that I can keep watching. It may not matter to you at all, but I wish it did.
There’s enough mean in the world. Why indulge it so much?


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