Thirteen Songs for my “Christmas At Arundale Hall” work in progress

Yes, yes.  Christmas songs in February?  Really?  Well, yes, since I’m writing a Christmas book.  LOL!

1.  For her (Chantal):  “Islands” by Sara Bareilles

2.  For him (Edward Jaimison) “Say Something” by A Great Big World

3.  1000 Times by Sara Bareilles

4.  Run To You by Pentatonix

5.  O Come O Come Emmanual by Pentatonix

6.  Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix

7.  O Holy Night by Pentatonix

8.  Ave Maria by Christina Perri

9.  The Cherry Tree Carol by King’s College Choir

YouTube didn’t have the version I have.  My version doesn’t have organ with it.  It’s a little simpler.

10.  In The Bleak Midwinter by The Indigo Girls

11.  Coventry Carol by Lady Jane Grey

I wanted a version of this song that matched my mood.  This Indie group had it.  I couldn’t find a full version on YouTube, the group looks pretty awesome.  Links below.

Lady Jane Grey’s Facebook:

they have a website but it didn’t seem all that up to date.

12.  There’s Still My Joy by The Indigo Girls

13.  Christmas Is Coming by The Manhattan Transfer



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12 responses to “Thirteen Songs for my “Christmas At Arundale Hall” work in progress

  1. Wow, I’ve actually heard of all artists except #11. My favorite version of #13 is the one by the Muppets. And thanks for making me feel colder than I already was, LOL. It’s only -6 (windchill -17) here this morning, expected high in the single digits. :-\

  2. It’s hard for me to feel Christmas spirit this far beyond the season – but I’ll take anything to make this unseasonable warmth feel cooler!

    Happy TT!

  3. Our household has a No Christmas Carols rule for ten months out of the year, but an author’s got to do what an author’s got to do, right?

    • Jen

      LOL!!!! Yes. Unfortunately. I still remember when a few of my characters were all about Britney Spears. I was like “Really? Do I have to?” LOL!

  4. Kandy

    Might I suggest you listen to Carol of the Bells by the Piano Guys?

  5. Never heard of any of those!


    My TT is at

  6. I know a couple of these. I listen to Christmas songs sometimes. It’s better when you don’t have to listen if you don’t want to 🙂

  7. You have such great taste in music, Jen. I always love it when you post videos. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. *HUGS*

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