13 Ways To Give This Holiday Season

There’s several charities that I love to participate in and this is the time of year that I get thankful for all I’ve been given.

1. Project For Awesome
This isn’t a charity per se but it’s a project I love love love. Every year I’m amazed by the Nerdfighteria community’s ability to combat World Suck with this event. Check it out.

2. Toys For Tots
My husband and I believe very strongly that we want our kids to understand what it might feel like to truly have nothing. From the time they were about four, we’ve made a special trip where they picked a toy and personally put it in the barrel. It was tough at first because they usually picked something THEY wanted, but it has turned into something pretty awesome and now, they initiate it.

3. Relay For Life
Our Boy Scout Troop has a team that participates in our local Relay every year and we love it. It’s not just a chance to contribute to the fight against cancer, but an opportunity to give tangible support to those who have suffered from the disease.

4. The Salvation Army Bell Ringers
We give every year. I know the Salvation Army has had its ups and downs with public opinion, but they do a lot of good locally and I think it’s worth a little cash in the bucket.

5. Special Olympics Polar Plunge
Again, our Boy Scout Troop has a Polar Plunge team and we raise money to support Special Olympics. This organization is such a great, worthy cause and we love hanging with the athletes.

6. Miranda’s Rescue
This is our local No Kill shelter. The two guys who run this organization are the most dedicated amazing people I know. I love supporting them.

7. The American Red Cross
This is another organization that has seen its share of bad publicity. Yet, I know the “on the ground” volunteers and I think THEY still deserve my support.

8. Habitat For Humanity
I might not have put this on my list if it hadn’t been for an episode of Top Chef where the work they ARE STILL DOING in New Orleans was featured. It showed commitment I can get behind so they made my list.

9. Kiva
This is a charity that author John Green has talked about. I’ve added them to my list but I’m still checking them out. The idea is fantastic!!!

10. Wounded Warrior Project
I can’t think of ANYTHING better than this!

11. Operation Gratitude Every Halloween, my kids donate a portion of their “take” and we mail it off for the troops overseas.

12. Food For People
This is our local food bank and they do A TON for our community!

13. The Buddy Poppy
The VFW is a fantastic organization and I especially love this project.

What’s your favorite place to give?



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3 responses to “13 Ways To Give This Holiday Season

  1. Excellent post, Jennifer! Tried posting this yesterday, but it kept getting eaten. Looks like maybe others had the same problem?

  2. I volunteer and give with 2 local orgs.. one is United Soldiers and Sailors… we collect items for the commissary for wounded soldiers and their families at Walter Reed Hospital…
    the 2nd is dear to my heart it is: HIPS – helping individual prostitutes survive…
    They help make the night safer and better for INDIVIDUALS involved in sex work .. ie we drive about in a mini van late at night with coffee/ hot cocoa, candy.. and aids testing, hep testing, chats about any and everything…making folks feel recognized in a system that works to marginalize them gives them power.. and the power to control your night gives you the feeling that you could control other things as well…
    I could go on… but if anyone is in the DC area… we would love your support as well!

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