13 Of The BEST Adaptations

Last week I did the 13 worst. Of course I’ll have to do the best.

1. Sherlock BBC
I’m not a Cumberbitch, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE this adaptation of the Holmes dynasty.
2. The Lord Of The Rings
The fact is that this version is much more like Terry Brook’s “Shannara” series than it is the J.R. Tolkien fantasy, but I adore it.
3. To Kill A Mockingbird
Gregory Peck is the quintessential Atticus Finch. I saw the movie before I read the book and found that BOTH serve to fill a void for me. The movie plays a little fast and loose with Harper Lee’s story, but I do enjoy the results anyway.
4. A Christmas Story
Based on the series of shorts “In God We Trust. All Others Pay Cash” by Jean Shepard. I love the movie version. I’ve also seen the play adaptation which includes a ton of stuff missing from the movie that’s in the book. But the movie is the best visual for me.
5. Scrooge
With Albert Finney based on the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol”. This MUSICAL captured the time period for me. I adore it and it’s a seasonal favorite.
6. P.D. James “Cover Her Face”
With Roy Marsden. These were shot in the 80’s and I love them. I haven’t seen them in a long time and still remember the character’s appearance (which was very good). I love the book and it’s a reread for me.
7 P.D James “Death In Holy Orders”
With Martin Shaw. I didn’t think I’d like this one since I am a die hard Roy Marsden fan. That said, this adaptation is pretty darn good.
8. “Death On The Nile”
The movie with *winces* Peter Ustinov. Not because of the Poirot character, but the character of Hastings (David Niven) who was delightfully portrayed as a bit of a bumbler (as he is in the book). Only Hugh Fraser has done a better job. Absolutely perfectly played part of Jacqueline by Mia Farrow has forever fixed her as that character forever.
9. Appointment With Death
Again with Peter Ustinov. The thing is, I don’t like Ustinov as Poirot, but the rest of the cast is brilliant. Carrie Fisher as the intelligent Nadine Boyton, Lauren Bacall as the annoying American woman, Jennie Seagrove as the confident Dr. Sarah King were all fantastic. I do love this adaptation.
10. The Big Sleep
Dashiell Hammet’s book is awesome and one of my favorites. The adaptation with the sizzling couple Bogart and Bacall was so well executed that the twisting in the plot doesn’t even matter. *happy sigh*
11. The Maltese Falcon
Another Bogart success playing Hammet’s detective. This adaptation took a little dramatic license, but I adore it.
12. The Thin Man
The William Powell portrayal of Nick Charles is played MUCH lighter than the character in the book, but I find I enjoy it thoroughly. (The movie is NOTHING like the book. Both are awesome for different reasons)
13. You’ve Got Mail
This was adapted from the play “Shop Around The Corner” by the brilliant Nora Ephron. It keeps the integrity of the original and updates it effectively. I also like the Jimmy Stewart movie version of “Shop Around The Corner” but not as much as I love Tom Hanks.



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9 responses to “13 Of The BEST Adaptations

  1. I love A Christmas Story. I had no idea it was originally a book. Now I’ve got to get a copy.

  2. Agree with you on 2, 3, 5, 11, 13. Not sure about the Poirot adaptations. I know I’ve seen both the Ustinov and Sachet versions of DOTN, but far enough apart that I can’t compare without seeing both again. Have only seen the Sachet version of AWD. My Make-A-Wish T13

    • Jen

      I LOVE David Suchet as Poirot and as I mentioned Hugh Fraser is a brilliant Hastings. But sometimes the writers for the adaptations really mess with the formula IMHO. (Like the Appointment With Death adaptation where Mrs. Boyton had a HUSBAND. *shakes head*)

  3. Opps…I meant, of course, Suchet. Please forgive the typo. :-\

  4. I can’t believe the only movies I’ve seen on this list are You’ve Got Mail and the LOTR series. I love me some Viggo Mortenson. He’s the only reason I watched LOTR. LOL.

  5. i like the hunger games (1st movie) i thought it was a bit “better” as a movie 🙂 …i havent seen the 2nd one… but then … i didnt read teh 2nd book.. i liked the ending too much i didnt want to know more!

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