Thirteen Of the Worst Adaptations

Sometimes, the BBC is VERY BAD at adapting writers to the screen. I know this pains you, but it’s true.

1. “Final Curtain” (From a book by Ngaio Marsh)
In 1993, a series of a daptations of Ngaio Marsh’s books and they were AWFUL!!! This was the worst of them. First of all, they missed almost ALL the characters including the main ones. Followed by
2. “A Man Lay Dead”
To completely DESTROY the romance between Alleyn and Troy, they made this horrible adaptation of Marsh’s first Alleyn’s case. It was truly terrible.
3. “Death In A White Tie”
The last three were all books that featured Rodrick Alleyn who was characterized in such an abominable way. I found Belinda Lang dead wrong as Agatha Troy. It completely destroyed the story and I found the selective character changes completely stupid. Of course I love Ngaio Marsh so that might explain my issues with the adaptations.
4. “Appointment With Death” (from Agatha Christie’s book)
With David Sachet. (I rather like the one with Lauren Bacall). The adaptation adds characters here and there, married people that weren’t and unmarried people that were. *sigh* It was really awful. I love that book too.
5. “Emma’ (From Jane Austen’s Classic)
There are three adaptations I’ve seen. One with Romola Garai and one with I’m partial to Kate Beckinsale’s version. But Gwenyth Paltrow’s version was pretty awful in my book.
6. Dune (Adapted from Frank Herbert’s book)
I did NOT like the movie version directed by David Lynch. There was a later version starring Alec Newman and James McAvoy that was IMHO much better even though it made several changes.
7. “Wuthering Heights” from 2011
Probably because I was raised on the Lawrence Olivia version. (Which has quite a bit of the book cut out). I love the 1992 version though many don’t.
8. “Sense and Sensibility” starring Gillian Anderson
From 2008. I’m afraid I love the version starring Emma Thompson. I adore it.
9. “Pride and Prejudice” with Kiera Knightly
Probably because I love Colin Firth. That’s my favorite version.
10. “Persuasion” with Sally Hawkins (2007)
I’m partial to Amanda Root in Anne’s part anyway, but this adaptation missed the character of Anne Elliot entirely in my mind.
11. “Murder At The Vicarage” starring Geraldine McEwan
After seeing the Joan Hickson version of Miss Marple, this adaptation was so bad I never finished watching it.
12. “A Murder Is Announced”
Again, a miss with Geraldine McEwan (much better with Joan Hickson)
13. All the Charlie Chan adaptations
Most of these were from the 30’s. The books depict Charlie Chan as a very intelligent and subtle detective. The movies/serials depict him as a caricature. I love the books.



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4 responses to “Thirteen Of the Worst Adaptations

  1. Did see the original Sense and Sensibility that you liked better! That was good!


    My TT is at

  2. Thankfully, have not see the 2011 version of WH. I agree that the Emma Thompson version of S&S is best, but actually prefer the Keira Knightly and old B&W versions of P&P. My favorite adaptation of Emma is Clueless. My T13

  3. Just from the titles it’s like they can’t handle death.

  4. Totally agree with you about Gwenyth Paltrow. I don’t care much for her, because she just can’t act in my opinion. LOL. But I love love love Keira in Pride & Prejudice. I’ve seen the Colin Firth version too, but I have to say Matthew Macfadyen makes my heart flutter more as Mr. Darcy. 🙂

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