13 Annoying Things Co-Workers Do

I know. It’s Halloween. But this is what’s REALLY scary to me. LOL!

1. Gossip
I actually had a co-worker who was the king of gossip. He talked about other people and it was never positive. Then, he was transferred and became the SUBJECT of gossip. He’s also kind of a liar. I don’t really miss him.
2. Eating Other People’s Food
In trolling the internet for what pissed other people off, this one was top of the list. Mine isn’t QUITE like that. We have a little Halloween bowl with candy and bottled water. For the last three months, my boss and I have both bought water and I bought candy. The other chick in the office contributes nothing. She’ll do things like get some party money from the office management for a holiday or her birthday and buy something we all share, but digging into her own pocket? Not happening.
3. Taking office supplies without asking/restocking
I saw this one a lot too. Yeah, think “Office Space” and the Red Swingline Stapler.

4. Talking Loudly
There were several versions of this. Having loud conversations around your desk when someone is trying to work and loud cell phone conversations. This one kind of bugs me too, but I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of it. LOL!
5. Playing games or Facebooking During meetings
This one irritates me. My boss frequently does this during our informal staff meetings but he’s on his tablet emailing his wife or looking up music festivals. LOL!
6. Leaving a mess in the bathroom
OMG! We have one bathroom in this office shared by everyone there plus any visiting staff. Frequently, the men poop and leave that place smelling like a damn septic tank. Ugh. I get pissy when people use up the last of the toilet paper or paper towels and don’t replace them. I don’t get that.
7. Leaving the kitchen/breakroom a mess
This doesn’t happen too often in our office. If there is messes made it’s usually me. LOL!
8. “I don’t mean to be a dick…”
My co-worker (who is a woman btw) prefaces some pretty shitty comments with this phrase. I’m beginning to hate it. She’s usually not talking about me, but she’s a chronic bitcher so I’m sure I will get my share. LOL!
9. Leaving at 5pm on the dot even if shit isn’t done.
My co-worker is notorious for turning on the fan, the heater, opening windows etc. all of which have to be closed/off before the alarm can be set. Many times, she races out the door and leaves me to close it all down even though I don’t turn any of that shit on. She doesn’t always do it, but often enough that it’s become a pet peeve. LOL!
10. “I can’t change it, but I’m going to complain about it forever.”
I can’t say I’m not guilty of this. I try to keep a “roll with it” attitude at my job, but my co-worker has issues with acceptance. She’s had a negative attitude about certain facts and has continued to make the whole situation unpleasant. Sometimes listening to bitching becomes kind of boring.
11. The Customer Service Conundrum
I figure that my job is to “service” the people I’m supposed to service. Yeah, sometimes they’re idiots. Yeah, sometimes they’re rude. But my job is to DO MY JOB. Both my co-workers are a little to quick on the “You should know better” button for me. Compassion is a necessary component of any job that deals with people. Both of them don’t have it more often than they do.
12. Constant Diet Office Talk
It’s fine if you’re on a diet. Congratulations. But seriously? I don’t need updates on your caloric intake, your daily weigh-ins or your opinions on what I should be doing to lose weight. Save it.
13. The Blame Game
Luckily, I don’t deal with this in my office today, but I have. “It’s not MY fault.” is not an effective tool to deal with a situation. FIX IT. I get so frustrated when people try to assign blame rather than just fix the effing problem.

There you go. 13 annoying things co-workers do. What’d I miss? Do you have a few?



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5 responses to “13 Annoying Things Co-Workers Do

  1. Number 5…. A friend and one of her coworkers recently had to give a week-long training seminar to a group from one of the company’s other locations. They asked people to turn off cell phones and email during the class sessions. While most people complied, there was one woman who sat front row next to one or both of them every day—and spent the entire time online reading email and booking a vacation flight.

  2. What I hated most about office life was the constant demand to pony up for gifts. I found myself pressured into throwing in twenties for things as far fetched as high school graduation gifts for the kids of co-workers I hadn’t even meet. The official company contributions you could get fired for not giving really ticked me off. Too often I didn’t approve of their choice of worth causes.

  3. Yikes! Those would be very annoying!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  4. Oh gosh … this reminds me SO much of when I worked in retail twelve years before I became an author. Some of my coworkers drove me INSANE! I definitely don’t miss it. LOL.

  5. The things I hate most about my coworkers are they always get stuffs from my table without even asking my permission, but when I do it to them unintentionally oh God it’s a big issue to them. There are also times when we are into serious workloads but some of them are busy chatting with their friends on Facebook. It annoyed me very much to the point that I told our HR department about it because we are all paid equally but they are not doing their jobs properly. I also found this website helpful because it allows you to rate your annoying coworkers anonymously. if you have one then you should try it too: http://takethisjoborshoveit.com/

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