Thirteen Reasons I forgot to do a Thursday Thirteen

1. I was totally distracted by how cool THIS was.
There I am. Second down.
2. It’s Popcorn Season
For Boy Scouts and guess who has to count all the money and put everything in the system?
3. It’s Football season
4. The Downhill Slide in the holidays
As Mrs. Puff from Spongebob would say “I’m not ready”
5. Work was busy
It’s not now.
6. I’m still mourning the loss of Ziva David on NCIS.
I haven’t watched an episode since.
7. I’ve been busy watching THIS
8. And THIS.
9. Did I mention it was popcorn season?
10. I’ve been writing. I have!
I finished “Brother of Arundale Hall” (First VERY rough draft) and I’ve added to three others. Yes, I did say three.
11. I have a campout this weekend
And I’m not ready for that either.
12. The sugar rush from the Halloween candy I’m trying so hard to resist.
And failing.
13. I’m a squirrel.
LOL!!! blame it on my ADD.



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6 responses to “Thirteen Reasons I forgot to do a Thursday Thirteen

  1. Stephanie Bennett

    Congrats on the USA Today spotlight, Jen! That’s awesome! And #6 … SIGH … yes. *sniff sniff* Happy Thursday!

  2. What’s popcorn season? We don’t have this.

  3. You’ve missed a couple of good episodes on NCIS–especially last week’s, which was powerful and timely. Mine: Autumn Leaves

  4. Michelle Frost

    You forgot because of the World Series!

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