Thirteen Lines From “Declaration To Submit”


He’d had a plan? She stared down at the page and tried to read it. The perfect secretary was nowhere to be found. Tears blurred her vision. It hadn’t been an accident, a quirk of drunken fate that had brought her here to this room, this moment. He’d wanted her, planned for her. That didn’t sound like a man just wanting a quick fuck.

And there it was. That was what was bothering her. Part of her believed that she was some project, a bet, a dare, something inconsequential like a purchase order. She felt like a company being raided and examined instead of a woman. Yet the feeling of being overcome and overwhelmed by a man was intensely exciting. It was as if she didn’t know herself anymore. Even though she wanted to be taken over, it still felt wrong to want it so much.

“Nell,” he said, his tone softer. “Relationships are complicated enough without kink. Add that and it’s damn near impossible. Sign the contract, and we’ll have my version of a first date.”

I’m having a contest. Comment and two winners will win a free copy of “Declaration To Submit” or an $10 Amazon GC.

And of course, “Declaration To Submit” is available at Loose-Id or Amazon.



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7 responses to “Thirteen Lines From “Declaration To Submit”

  1. I’m always excited when a friend has a new release: Here’s wishing you lots of luck and countless sales!

  2. AWESOME! I can’t wait to read the rest of this book, Jen! I wish you a ton of sales, my friend! Happy Thursday!

  3. That is one intense scene. Good luck with the new release! Mine

  4. Good stuff. All the best with your new release, Jen.

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