Thirteen Things About “Declaration To Submit”

My new Contemporary BDSM novella comes out October 15th and here’s a few facts about the book.

1. The Story was conceived by accident
I was stuck on another work in progress and Melissa Blue suggested I write something for fun. I immediately had the whole Vegas waking up hungover with clothes scattered and what the Hell happened last night scene. And it was fun to write
2. Then, Loose-Id had the new boss call
I’d already conceived the idea that Nell was a secretary who got into a little predicament with her boss. The Call was like it was meant to be. LOL!
3. The Secretary part was easy
I work as a secretary so Nell’s profession holds little mystery to me. The job is usually WAY more complicated than filing and answering phones.
4. “Nell” is short for “Anelda”.
I was dealing with something at work and came across a woman whose legal name was Anelda, but she shortened it to Nell. I thought that was totally cool and filed it away. (Did the same thing with a woman whose name is Bethel, shortened to Beth)
5. The Employee Agreement Clause
Nothing caused me more trouble than this. It took a while for the idea to really make itself clear, but it’s this: The “Fraternization Clause” was only added to three employee agreements-those women who were known to upper echelon at the new company. The legal aspects of the clause are pretty clear. It’s not binding. Even though Nell honors the clause out of pride and, to be honest, curiosity.
6. The book Surprised me.
Instead of being a straight romantic conflict, there was an external conflict that stunned me when I finally arrived at the end
7. Which shows the dangers of Pansting
Because I had NO IDEA that the external conflict was coming. LOL!
8. Mark is a Dom, but….
He’s not a scary Dom. Though he takes no bullshit, he understands that kinky relationships are still relationships and that means they’re complicated. He provides opportunity for Nell to give to herself what she has previously denied to herself. It gets a little out of hand and he finds himself in a spot, but he still continues to give Nell an out if she wants one.
9. The ConFed Upper Management
There’s four of them and they all have the same kind of needs. Mark is seeking a secretary/partner who will match his work ethic. The BDSM play is part of that, but only part. I think his friend and CEO Anthony Fedder is seeking something much more intense and 24/7. Atticus wants a woman who will match wits with him, who will be a defiant brat so he can punish her (and she’ll like it). And Dimitri? I don’t know what he wants yet. He’s a bit of an enigma. He’s a risk manager so he tends to play it close to the vest. All of them are seeking something more unusual.
10. Nell is new to the BDSM scene
Though she dabbles online and longs to step into those BDSM clubs and gatherings, she’s terrified to do it. Mark provides her with the perfect chance to explore the side of her she knows is there. She’s kept herself pretty tightly underwraps, unwilling to branch out or take risks. She’s an HR admin, in charge of knowing people and knowing what’s best for the company. She puts herself last as a result. If there’s a word for Nell, it’s “loyal”. That loyalty will be severely tested in this story.
11. Mark is extremely private
He hides from the spotlight and the face of the company is presented by Atticus and Dimitri. Most people have no idea that Tony and Mark are the two men in charge of ConFed.
12. Three secretaries
Nell has two friends, also secretaries, who are targeted by ConFed’s upper management. Tori, who has been an accounting secretary and knows about numbers, but not about relationships. She parties, willing to risk a lot to have a good time. Outwardly, she’s funny, confident and seems to be a woman who doesn’t care much about anything. But in truth, Tori is a little desperate to make a connection. She’s lonely. Gina is totally different from her friends. She’s been fully immersed in the Lifestyle for years and plays regularly. But she’s facing a crossroads and must make a choice that will change everything for her. But that’s a different book. LOL!
13. The Cover is by Scott Carpenter
And I think he did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!

Declaration to Submit by Jennifer Leeland

Hazy memory of the night before? Check. Clothes scattered on the floor? Check. Naked man in the next room? Check. Nell Armstrong did the Vegas experience perfectly. Worst of all, the naked man was her new boss from the corporate raiders that just took over her company…and not in a good way. Nell only wants to escape, but it turns out that she’d managed to get herself in a contractual predicament and the only way out was a weekend of submission to her new Dominant employer.

After months of planning, Mark Conners had his carefully developed campaign to win Nell over destroyed by the one impulsive act she’d ever committed in her life. Now, he was bound by his own contractual rules and has to convince the woman who has fascinated him to give into his kinky brand of employee interaction. He thought he was looking for the perfect submissive secretary but what he found was much more profound and complicated. Corporate raiding is a job with a downside and when Nell and Mark are faced with exposure, they have to decide if Nell will continue to honor her declaration to submit.



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13 responses to “Thirteen Things About “Declaration To Submit”

  1. Don’t you just love it when a story seems “meant to be”? And this certainly seems to be the case! Well done, you! 😉

  2. Cool the way this came together for you.

    BTW, answering the phone can be hairy. I’ve had some intense interactions at work simply by picking up the phone.

  3. Sounds like it was a happy “accident,” you writing this book. My T13

  4. Congratulations on the release!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor,

  5. I wish you a ton of sales, Jen! It sounds like a wonderful story and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cover. I drool every time I see it. The colors are just awesome. Happy Thursday!

  6. I love all the background of your story. Scott Carpenter does great work. He’s done a few of my covers.

  7. good on you!!!
    love the cover… and cant wait to read the story!
    hope youv’e been well (i miss my google reader!!)

    • Jen

      I know!!! I miss my Google reader too. I haven’t found anything to replace it. I’m now following you on WordPress so hopefully I won’t miss your posts anymore.

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