Thirteen Couples I “Ship”

All fandoms are nuts. You know that right? Well, here’s some “ships” (couples I’d like to see get together)

1. Sherlock/Molly
Most everyone who watches “Sherlock” wants the Johnlock ship, but I love Molly. This is my favorite video made in the fandom.

2. Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David (NCIS)
Also known as TIVA. Of course, CBS completely screwed this one up IMHO.

3. Deeks and Kensi (NCIS LA)
These two are so cute and Tuesday’s episode was PERFECT.

4. Sheldon and Amy (Big Bang Theory)
I’d love to see Sheldon really break down and say “I love you” for real.

5. Penelope Garcia and Kevin Lynch (Criminal Minds)
These two hurt each other badly, but I’d like to see them resolve their stuff and get back together.
6. Abby and McGee
I’ve ALwAYS shipped these two. Always.
7. Eowyn and Faramir (LOTR)
I love Eowyn. Love her. And Faramir is one of the most poignant characters. SHIP!
8. Sherlock and Watson (Elementary)
With this one, though, I think if they give into their attraction, it’ll wreck the show, but still….SHIP!
9. G. Callen and SOMEONE!(NCIS LA)
NCIS LA hasn’t had a love interest for G ever. And I’d like to see one. Just sayin.
10. Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson (Covert Affairs)
Let’s put it this way: I was so pissed that they got them together and then BROKE THEM UP that I haven’t watched another episode.
11. Castle and Kate
I think the writers are flummoxed by these two. It’s like they know how to write sexual tension but are stumped on the making their relationship grow. I’ve been unimpressed with the newer episodes.
12. Carter and SOMEONE (Person of Interest)
I love Carter and I think she deserves a great partner, someone who is involved with John and Harold’s work but has her core of integrity. (If there was ever a crossover, I was thinking Harrison Wright from “Scandal”)
13. Abby and David (Scandal)
Though I don’t ship Olivia Pope and Grant, I DO ship Abby and David. It’s hopeless and yet…….

How about you? Do you have couples you ship?



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5 responses to “Thirteen Couples I “Ship”

  1. Funny you should use the word ship that way. My dd just taught it to me about a week ago. She’s more into fandoms than I am.

  2. Jen

    LOL! I remember wondering what the hell that meant when it first came up. I read it the very first time during the Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Then I discovered this goes on all over the place.

  3. YES to Tony and Ziva, Abby and Tim, Deeks and Kensi, and Abby and David! I’m also for Stefan and Elena and Caroline and Klaus from Vampire Diaries. 🙂 Great list, Jen!

  4. Eowyn and Faramir do get married! Don’t know about Sherlock and Joan. They seem more like friends to me. I agree about Castle and Beckett. They’re getting blah.


    My TT is at

  5. Yeah, friend and I weren’t impressed with the way Ziva exited the show. The writers could have done a MUCH better job there. Agree with you about Penelope and Kevin getting back together, too. Agree with you on #8, and as for 9…that’s a complicated one. We know Sam is married and finally got to meet the wife, There’s been reference to Kensie having dates, and there’s chemistry of some sort between Nell and Eric, but G? Nothing. I think it will be hard fall for him, and how much fun would that be to watch? *G* Autumn T13

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