Thirteen of the WORST MOMENTS of the NCIS Episode “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

I waited all summer. I read articles on the abrupt departure of Cote de Pablo. I waited and waited and finally got to see the season premiere.
And it was horrible.

1. Ducky’s lines
Almost all of them were horrific.
2. Ziva’s instant messaging
After a huge buildup of what Ziva’s character is like, this was a mistake. Ziva wouldn’t talk like that. She wouldn’t message that stupid shit. I was appalled.
3. The weird guy in the lab
So the storyline added some guy who tried to access NCIS’s computer and Ducky takes him down with a bowl. Then, Vance questions him and frankly, nothing about that guy made sense.
4. Vance’s interrogation techniques
In two scenes Vance uses shouting and intimidation. Once with weird lab guy (which was SO awkward and odd) and once with the homeland security director. Both times, his “technique” elicited information, but why? The subtlety usually present was gone, gone, gone.
5. McGee’s coffee date
What the fuck was this? There’s absolutely no chemistry, no anything. And the arrival of Abby suddenly was weird and uncomfortable. Abby’s reaction to McGee’s date was also strange. I found the interactions between the characters stilted and forced.
6. Abby’s forced determination
I love quirky Abby. She wasn’t in this episode. The writers put (I think) a lot of pressure on her to carry the show without Ziva. It showed.
7. The trip to Iran
Completely unbelievable. You’re going to tell me that Gibbs goes to Iran in a set up (stretching it right there) and then he’s rescued suddenly by Richard Parson’s who has been for the last two episodes, trying to take Gibbs down. See #8.
8. Richard Parsons’s About Face
Two episodes have been spent on this investigator determined to stop Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s cowboy tactics. He’s a weasel and now, suddenly, we are expected to love him. He rescues Gibbs (Worst lines: *escaping in a speeding truck* Gibbs: Are these friends of yours. Parsons: Until my money runs out.). Really? And where did Parsons get money to hire mercenaries to go to Iran and rescue an operative? No. Just…no.
9. The “new” terror cell
Okay, I can go with the idea that MAYBE an Islamic extremist might combine with American business to “Destroy and Rebuild”. Maybe. But the rest of it is pretty trite and stupid. I’m not used to seeing this kind of weak writing from the NCIS team.
10. The “second string”
As Palmer calls it. I know the writers hoped to show how bad they were. They succeeded. But rather than it seeming funny. It was SO awkward. Please. Don’t do that again.
11. Vance in general
I’d say you gave the worst lines to Vance, Ducky and Gibbs. Where Gibbs only seemed a bit awkward, Vance and Ducky were glaringly stiff. They did their best and they’re both excellent actors, but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
12. TIVA
The fandom is INSANE for Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. After 8 years of waiting, the writers opened this season with texts and instant messaging. No real build up for that relationship. The other times Ziva has gone to Isreal, we’ve seen NONE of their interactions. I’m pissed that this ship is foundering on the rocks, but the writers didn’t do a damn thing to really fix that.
13. The ending
On a shitty cliffhanger. I was disappointed in the dialogue, the story line, the character development and then the ending just…stopped. I’m not looking forward to watching the writers flail around like they seem to be.

I don’t know if I can keep watching. And that, my friends, breaks my heart.



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8 responses to “Thirteen of the WORST MOMENTS of the NCIS Episode “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

  1. I haven’t watched NCIS in a long time, but my husband watches it religiously, and he was disappointed in the episode too. I always wanted Ziva and Tony together. Sure wish the writers would have given them a chance. 😦

    • Jen

      I know right? Ugh! I usually don’t go off about stuff that not everyone is into, but this was so bad, I had to. The whole Ziva departure has been pretty crappy and I don’t like the way they’re handling it.

  2. Bummer to have so much be wrong with it when you were so looking forward to it.

  3. I don’t watch the show – at least, not regularly – but this post has me worried about the things I enjoyed most when I *did* watch. If it doesn’t pick up the slack soon, I’ll abandon all hope.

    • Jen

      I told Melissa Blue that it was like the script was a first draft. Like they hadn’t had time to really perfect it. Funny, I don’t remember the show suffering this badly after Kate or Jenny Shepard died. And they were integral characters too. It’s very strange.

  4. I wasn’t very happy with the season premiere, either. After learnign of Cote de Pablo’s exit from the show, the two things I was hoping were 1) the writers didn’t kill her off, as they have a wont to do (Kate, Jenny Shepherd, Agent Lee, Mike Franks, Eli David and Vance’s wife…) and 2) that they would have her exit in a believable way that would allow Ziva and Tony to finally be together. Well…at least it doesn’t look like they are killing her off. (And seriously, three of the five premieres seen so far have ended in “to be continued.” WTH is up with that??) My T13: Banned Books Week 2013

    • Jen

      I don’t know a way that they can really have Tony and Ziva together. And the texting/instant messaging was so NOT Ziva to me. *shakes head* I just don’t know if they can pull this one off.

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