“Declaration To Submit” Cover Pretties!



Hazy memory of the night before? Check. Clothes scattered on the floor? Check. Naked man in the next room? Check. Nell Armstrong did the Vegas experience perfectly. Worst of all, the naked man was her new boss from the corporate raiders that just took over her company…and not in a good way. Nell only wants to escape, but it turns out that she’d managed to get herself in a contractual predicament and the only way out was a weekend of submission to her new Dominant employer.

After months of planning, Mark Conners had his carefully developed campaign to win Nell over destroyed by the one impulsive act she’d ever committed in her life. Now, he was bound by his own contractual rules and has to convince the woman who has fascinated him to give into his kinky brand of employee interaction. He thought he was looking for the perfect submissive secretary but what he found was much more profound and complicated. Corporate raiding isa job with a downside and when Nell and Mark are faced with exposure, they have to decide if Nell will continue to honor her declaration to submit.



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