Taken by A Vampire

Most of you know that I love Joey W. Hill like a shoe junkie likes Jimmy Choos. It took me a while but I was finally able to buy “Taken By A Vampire”, a story I’d been waiting for since “Vampire Trinity” came out.
Alanna makes a dramatic appearance in “Vampire Trinity” as the vampire servant trained from birth who is the third marked servant for Stephen, the evil villain that tries to kill Dagean.
What? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Okay. Sorry.
Let me put it to you this way. Once again, Joey Hill managed to get me so immersed in her world and her characters that at the end of the two brief scenes Alanna had with Gideon (Hero #1 of “Vampire Trinity) I wanted her happy ending. I wanted her to live. You see, in this vampire world, servants are bound to vampires by blood and when the vampire dies, the servant dies with them. It’s a symbiotic, D/s, highly complex relationship that is as different with every story as the characters are from one another.
In this story, Evan and his burly, Scottish servant Niall have offered to keep Alanna with them while Daegan (Hero #2 of “Vampire Trinity” Yuuum) hunts down villainous Stephen. Of course, everyone knows that once Stephen is killed, as he surely will be, Alanna will die.
Any other author would never have my trust that SOMEHOW everything would work out okay. Joey Hill has NEVER disappointed me. No matter what angst she’s presented, what challenges the characters face, Joey Hill has then overcome their problems BELIEVABLY and gives me the best kind of book.
There is so much complexity in this story. There is the sad fact that Niall is over 300 years old and facing servant mortality since servants rarely live longer than that and he is clearly beginning the process of death. There is Alanna’s struggle between serving as her duty, her training, and her destiny and serving out of love and respect. There is the nuance between Evan and Niall since Evan believes he forced Niall into a life that he resents and Niall believes Evan doesn’t care two shits about his love. It’s a tangled mess. Add to it that Niall is no submissive to Evan’s Dominant and it’s a recipe for angst.
Yet, this is no long, drawn-out depressing angst ridden story with sex. It’s funny, charming and deeply emotional. There aren’t too many romance authors that can drag tears out of me, yet Joey Hill usually does. And there aren’t many who make me laugh out loud, but Joey Hill’s depiction of Alanna’s run in with a bear is damn funny.
But I think the one thing that this book gave me-what every Joey Hill book gives me-is that one moment that I will read again and again, that will live in my mind as perfection. In “Vampire Trinity”, it was the confrontation Daegan, Gideon and Arwyn had with the council, where Gideon is forced to pay for his past actions against vampires. It’s something that happens in that scene that makes my heart clench. The love, the “thing” between them, whether it has been stated or not, is in that scene.
In “Taken By A Vampire”, there were several scenes that were truly amazing. But it is this scene-again a confrontation with the Vampire council-that seems to bring everything to the forefront. What has not been said out loud by Alanna, what needs to be stated, is said in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Once down on her knees she bent, ignoring the trembling weakness of her body, the pain rocketing through her head, but she couldn’t overcome the wheezing of her lungs. Though she wanted to make it to his feet, she had to settle for pressing her lips to Evan’s leg, just below his knee. The wool and silk of the slacks, his scent intertwined with it, was so overwhelming to her she had the resist the desire to rub against him like a cat. “Whatever happens,” she whispered, “thank you for being my Master.”
I’ve always served vampires I called my lord or my lady. They were powerful, yes. But they  .  .  . I am going to be inappropriate, Master, but please forgive me. They never taught me what love is. You and Niall did, both by your example and by your lessons. If I die tomorrow, these few days will be the ones I will cherish  .  .  . and miss, the most. Thank you for showing me what being a servant really means.

Hill, Joey W. (2013-05-07). Taken by a Vampire (A Vampire Queen Novel) (pp. 431-432). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

There have been a lot of books in this series. I haven’t grown tired of this world at all. I want more. I want the next generation. I want to see what happens. I adore the characters that inhabit Joey Hill’s books.

Go try them.



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