A tribute…..

As we face another crisis in our history, another decisive moment, I thought today I wanted to remember a pivotal turning point.
On this day, we saw America show her metal. Every First Responder who faced the monumental task of going into those buildings, especially the second one since the first had already fallen, showed who we are. Despite the obstacles, the challenges, the overwhelming odds against us, we will stand.
We might stand unsteadily, perhaps even wrongfully stubborn in our position, but we will not fall. We are often interfering and professional kibitzers. We are simultaneously peace loving and warriors. We have been beaten, defeated, wounded, and very, very wrong, but we have never laid down and given up.
There may come a day when America will crumble in the face of some unfathomable enemy, but not today. Today, we remember those who rushed in when death was all around them. Today, we remember those who struck back when remaining quiet would have been easier. Today, we remember those who lost, who cried and who searched fruitlessly for the ones they loved.
We remember because this is who we are.


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