Thirteen Things I Did For My Birthday

1. Watched “The Rope” starring Jimmy Stewart.
I don’t know why. I just wanted to.
2. Took the day off of work
I feel guilty but I did it anyway. LOL!
3. Got my nails done.
4. Took the boys to get their haircut
5. Dropped Train Boy off at his strength conditioning
6. Took Train Boy to football practice
7. Dropped off flyers at a school for a Cub Scout event
8. Reread “Controlled Response” by Joey W. Hill
9. Reread “Willing Sacrifice by Joey W. Hill
10. Rewatched season 2 of Sherlock BBC
11. Watched the new series on PBS “Silk”
12. Made Bacon, Tomato and Cheese open faced sandwiches for dinner
With Shivley Tomatoes (local homegrown, mouthwatering awesomeness)
13. Did no dishes and my kids cleaned up the kitchen after I cooked.



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3 responses to “Thirteen Things I Did For My Birthday

  1. Except for the Soccer Mom moments, it sounds like a laid back day.

  2. Sounds like quite a long and (mostly) relaxing celebration. Happy belated! My T13

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