Thirteen words I still have to use spell check for…..

Every time I write I’m constantly using my reference stuff and spell check is the most important.

1. Receive
Yep. I still get it backwards. Word just changes it automaticLially.
2. Ecstasy
Every. time.
3. Endeavor
Just me?
4. Delicious
I know. I know.
5. Lieu
6. license
I get the s and the c mixed up.
7. ruminate
I’m embarrassed to say I still get this one wrong.
8. Inconceivable
“I do not think that word means what you think it means.” –Princess Bride
9. proportional
I’m not sure why but I always start spelling it with “per” instead of “pro”.
10. conundrum
Always want to add more n’s.
11. vicissitudes
I don’t always use this word, but when I do I spell check it.
12. occasionally
something doesn’t get doubled and I’m spell checking to figure out what. LOL!
13. synonym.
Yep. I misspell that one dictionary I used the most. LOL!!

What words stump you?



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2 responses to “Thirteen words I still have to use spell check for…..

  1. Ecstasy always gets me too. License as well. I always spell it licence, which is NZ spelling, and my spellchecker never picks it up. Whoever invented spell check needs a hug!!

  2. Can’t say I’ve had problems with any of these. ☺

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