Thirteen YouTube Channels I Follow

Because I have soooooo much time to watch videos…..LOL!

1. Daily Grace
Random stuff.
2. The Vlog Brothers
Awesome stuff.
Pemberley Digital
Based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel “Sanditon”.
4. Marie Hart
Funny stuff.
5. Crash Course
History stuff
6. HanksChannel
All kinds of stuff.
7. The Key of Awesome
LMAO stuff.
8. BeaconAudio
Music interviews and stuff.
9. Truth or Fail
Trivia stuff.
10. Nikki Dinki Cooking
Yummy stuff
11. Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles stuff. (Duh. LOL!)
12. Mike Thompkins Music
A capella stuff
13. Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey Stuff.


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One response to “Thirteen YouTube Channels I Follow

  1. Cool! I follow Monster High, Disney and some guy who does reviews of workout videos!


    My TT is at

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