Thirteen new songs I’ve been listening to…

1.I choose you by Sara Bareilles

2.I wanna be like me by Sara Bareilles

3. White Suburban by Skylar Grey

4There’s No Going Back by Sick Puppies

5. Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace

6. Born To Rise by Redlight King

7. Manhattan by Sara Bareilles

8. Let It Rain by Sara Bareilles (Not a new song, but from her concert this year. And AWESOME)

9. From Can To Can’t by Studio City

10. Brave by Sara Bareilles

11. Crooked Steps by Soundgarden

12. Hollow by Alice In Chains

13. Wear Me Out by Skylar Grey



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2 responses to “Thirteen new songs I’ve been listening to…

  1. Been on a Sara Bareilles kick lately? I love her and Skylar Grey and everyone else on your list. But lately I’ve been fixated by Hurt and Thievery Corporation.

  2. Ugh! Have tried to comment on this a couple times, but kept getting interrupted. I liked all but one of the Sara Bareilles songs. (And do you know i cannot spell her last name unless I give it the French pronunciation? I have the same issue with “renaissance.”)

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