I’m going to say what I think….

….about Mylie Cyrus’s video “We Can’t Stop” which I’m not linking to. If you haven’t seen it, you’re not missing much. If you have then I don’t need to say anything.
First of all, I am not the type to be appalled and shocked by weirdness. After all, I’ve talked about my love of Rhianna, Pink and Britney on this blog many times. So what is it about this one that make me shake my head?
It’s not the shocking visuals. It’s not the “white girl trying to be black” attitude. It’s not the twerking.
There is NOTHING that I saw that showed passion or determination. It’s like Mylie was given the words and she sang them with a flat affect, no investment. The video is her big middle finger to everyone, which, well, sells CDs. I guess. I’m unimpressed. The whole tongue thing seems forced and the unfortunate impression I got was of a drugged out nutcase trying to put a shine on a fucked up lifestyle. Your mileage may vary.
It’s not like it hasn’t been done. Below are two of the big “fuck you”s done a hell of a lot better.

Pink’s “So What” which she made when she and her husband were struggling to find ANYTHING to like about each other.

And Britney’s “Piece of Me” which she made around the time she had a total break down. What most people aren’t aware of is that someone she loved very deeply died of Ovarian cancer. This song is basically a “fuck you” to the people who pushed her.



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