Thirteen things I do after the alarm goes off….

….at four a.m. Stop looking at me like that. It’s the only time the Dirt Faced Okie kids aren’t talking.

1. Make Coffee
Okay, this might be a “duh”, but still….COfffffeeeeee.
2. Heat up a cup of old coffee to drink since the coffee maker takes too damn long
3. Yahoo mail
Does anyone remember I exist? Oh look! Yahoo Groups! Remember those? Yeah. I still get those emails.
4. Facebook
I check. I click away. I click back. Rinse repeat.
5. Open Work in progress
Stare at the blinking cursor.
6. You Tube
Anything new? Something to inspire me? Something to distract me?
7. Open Work In Progress again.
Delete a word.
8. Find songs for playlist
Yeah. That’ll help.
Someone MUST have blogged something to get upset about and distract me.
10. Check the clock and growl at the fact that it’s now 5am.
11. Open Work In Progress
Write 900 words.
12. Stare at Work In Progress
Delete 300 words.
13. Look up and realize it’s 6:30am and I have to get ready to shower and go to work.

Ahhhh the glamorous life of an author!!!



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8 responses to “Thirteen things I do after the alarm goes off….

  1. Jen

    LOL!!! I know I’m the envy of aaaall my friends.

  2. Number nine… Major irritant. On my list of things to do this weekend is migrate to a new feed service, since GR will cease to exist July 1. Feedly has been highly recommended by former GR users at Splitcoast Stampers, so that’s probably where I’ll be going. :-\

  3. Jen

    I know I did something to “back it up” so I’m sure the NSA is reading all my files now. LOL! Hopefully I won’t lose it all.

  4. 5. Open Work in progress
    Stare at the blinking cursor.

    Lately I’ve been doing nothing but this all damn day.

  5. I haven’t even gotten a word deleted yet today. Maybe I should get up at 4am too.

    • Jen

      I highly recommend it. However, a caution: There will be times that you will be writing a blog post or the pathetic 900 words and fall asleep. Been there, done that.

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