Thirteen of the Last Places I’ve been.

LBD gif 2

1. Facebook
Both Jennifer McKenzie and Jennifer Leeland’s page. Every morning without fail.
2. Absolute Write
After Googling “SFWA Controversy” and I saw there was discussion there.
3. Yahoo Mail
4. YouTube
5. Romance Divas
6. Quinn Loftis Books
A friend of mine mentioned this author and I Googled her and went to her site.
7. Alexandra Anthony’s blog
That same friend mentioned this author too.
8. Goodreads
To see if there’s any reviews for “DARK PAST”.
9. Hotmail
10. Facebook again.
11. Hulu
Specifically Longmire
12. Facebook
Which led me to
13. 7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Book Sales
Which was kind of interesting.

There you go. My browser history.



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5 responses to “Thirteen of the Last Places I’ve been.

  1. And here I am busy trying to keep myself from falling asleep at the keyboard. All I’ve done is blog.

  2. Jen

    LOL!!! I was just grateful there weren’t any porn sites in my history….this time.

  3. LOL – I’m off to check out the last one. I’ve been away and offline for a couple of weeks. It made me twitchy.

  4. Jen

    LOL! Welcome back!!! It makes me twitchy too!

  5. You really get around! ; )

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