Thirteen Facts About “Dark Past”

In honor of my new release, “Dark Past”, I’ve got a few facts. (I decided to spare you all the “buy my book or I’ll cry spiel. LOL!)

1. The story was inspired by “Back to Bataan”.
It was one of my Dad’s favorite movies.
2. It took me a painful nine months to finish this book.
I had a rough 2012. LOL!
3. Originally, Jezar Ryser’s story was supposed to be next
But Bud Masterson kept talking…..
4. And the Teran Series isn’t in order.
“Dark Revenge” was about Teran One and “Dark Past” is about Teran Four.
5. Teran Four has a lot of aspects of Nazi Germany
With it’s genetic “perfection” and crazy dictator.
6. The Pinnacle is featured again
Tory Ingle’s rogue crew is back in action.
7. Yes, there is spanky spanky
Lots of it. LOL!
8. It has a bit of a cliffhanger.
I definitely have a sequel planned.
9. There’s lots of action
10. And lots of awesome sex.
11. And angst.
12. A lot of angst
13. This is Julianna Adwen and Bud Masterson
and Bud



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3 responses to “Thirteen Facts About “Dark Past”

  1. No need to cry to get us to buy your book.

  2. Congrats on the new release, Jennifer! My T13

  3. Sounds great! Congratulations!


    My TT ia at

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