“DARK PAST” by Jennifer Leeland is LIVE!


Once Julianna had hoped for a wonderful life married to the man she loved. But betrayal, civil war and death intervened and she was forced to let her lover go to save the people of Teran Four. Ten years is a long time, and now she is the dictator’s lover and the Voice of Davida—a genetically enhanced tool of the reigning powers.
Bud Masterson has escaped the brutal prison of Teran Four and he’s back to find the family he’d thought dead, murdered by the dictator who destroyed his life. It’s a trap, and Bud finds himself at the mercy of the woman he once loved and who betrayed him.
But nothing on Teran Four is what it seems and Julianna and Bud will discover that everything they know about their past and their future is an illusion. As erotic heat flares between them, to save their people and possibly humanity itself, Julianna and Bud will have to find the truth that lies in their dark past.

Inside Scoop: This book contains branding, collaring and everything else you’d expect from a sizzling D/s relationship.



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